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Congratulations Tanmay Bhat !!

The only thing roasted here are India's young talented strugglers who believe success comes with hard work and perseverance. 

Image Credit : ndtv

A lot of internet browser companies like Google, Yahoo, Firefox etc. have very strict policies towards the kind of content that one can post. It is rightly so, since the brilliant platforms that they provide, should not be used by abusers, as in people seeking to become popular through means such as insulting others, spreading hatred towards others, promoting pornography and stuff like that.

But then what is the algorithm or the magic code so to say to establish the offensiveness of any content ?

Take the recent case of Tanmay Bhat video on Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar which I will try to analyse through the simple means of Intent, Cause and Effect.

The Intent - To get popular and make money

The Cause - Insulting and cringeworthy video made and uploaded.

The Effect -

  1. Huge surge in popularity , more than 3,00,000 hits (viral video) and complete and absolute     domination over all forms of Media (Digital and Print) 
  2. Massive earnings for corporate groups, advertisers
  3. Massive gains in T.R.P. s and eyeballs for every stakeholder in the media.
  4. Outrage and angst among a lot of people.
  5. Support from a lot of people as well.
Rotten Update : An allegedly reported "side effect" is that Tanmay Bhat's song "Pehle Aap " for the upcoming movie Shorgul has been dropped. ( Click the rotten mango for the details).This may well be a ploy to calm matters temporarily. It's not that he would have penned the song for free or without advance. So it's debatable as to whether this has had an actual impact on him.)

The final effect of course was exactly what Tanmay Bhat wanted. To be trending on twitter. Here is what he got - 9th Rank in Top 20 India Hashtags 

Image of twitter rank of hashtag TanmayBhat on 1st June 2016 after his controversial video of Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar
#TanmayBhat took 9th place in the Top20 of India's Trend for Wednesday, 1st June 2016. Courtesy @trendinaliaIN

Unfortunately, the Government just doesn't have enough teeth to be able to restrain such contain albeit temporarily, so as to validate it's content. While the Mumbai Police would try to helplessly get the video banned or deleted, everyone knows its too late. 
The laws also appear to be vague regarding freedom of expression.
Popular web companies like SnapChat,Twitter, etc.  have stringent Terms of Service/ agreement for uploading content, but then they don't mind the extra public participation, extra likes or dislikes and the consequential increase in revenue when such content is uploaded. 

All these factors have been carefully taken into consideration by Mr. Tanmay Bhat. He knows that he cannot be touched. The filthier his content, the more he rises. So well rehearsed was this drama that played out over the last few days, that one cannot imagine the extent of connivance between him, the media platforms and others. Within hours of his uploading the video, news channels started creating hashtags, trying to make them trend on Twitter/Facebook at all costs. "Experts" , people from the film industry , politicians , etc. were called in to appear on television debates. The target was already predetermined by the digital predators - Politicians who objected to such content. Tanmay and his co conspirators knew very well that all politicians will have to tread very carefully and do a fine balancing act. Its this effort of trying to do the balancing act, that would restrain their true voice and thus appear to be hiding facts on T.V.

Blogs were written and published in reputed Media houses and portals which innocently asked, as to what was wrong in the content uploaded by Mr. Tanmay. Freedom of Speech , Freedom of Expression were quoted by lawyers seeking to become eminent lawyers. Such connivance is being insinuated by me because when a Kamal Rukh Khan (KRK) launches similar insults, he is either ignored or trolled by the entire media. But in Tanmay's case, he is provided with supportive platforms with counter views.

The gang probably new that the issue won't last for more than 1 or 2 days.Thus no stone was left un-turned to milk the issue dry.

Those who criticized Tanmay were silenced by News Anchors with "So what is your problem if Lata ji and Sachin ji are silent and not objecting on this ?"

Super achievers like Lata ji and Sachin will most likely not stoop to objecting to Tanmay's video. Tanmay and his media friends have calculated this aspect as well and are well prepared with their arsenal. In case the victims (Lataji and Sachin) were to even utter the slightest of objections, they will paint them as "intolerant".
But let me respond to the News Anchors, since I have the benefit of writing a blog and cannot be silenced with "It's time for a commercial break."

Well for one thing, it's the pilgrim/Devotee who establishes a God. So when you insult a popular achiever, you are hurting those who idolize them. You are hurting those who are trying to follow their footsteps. There are many who have idolized them and even practice for hours on end. They will consider themselves lucky if they are able to achieve even an iota of their idols. There are singers and players in the industry who genuinely study their idols, try to emulate their strengths and want to even live upto the expectations of the people(audiences) which have been inspired by the timeless performances of Lata ji and Sachin Tendulkar.

When you hurt them, what can they do to retaliate? Absolutely Nothing. But be rest assured that their faith and dedication is shaken, their efforts compromised and distracted by this pornographic depiction of their idols. 

But then Tanmay and his kin aren't here to understand this. They are here to rake in the moolah like petty thieves. What they don't understand is a most dangerous SIDE EFFECT .

Thousands of young comedians following this drama are now probably getting inspired by Tanmay. Their takeaway from this episode is to insult famous celebrities, form alliances for promoting the sub par content, study the law carefully so you cant be touched, and butcher the faith and pride of millions of Indians. Tanmay's irresponsible attitude, has now sown the seeds for further degradation of one of the most difficult art forms - that of humor. 

It has marred the terms of Freedom of Speech and Expression and mutated it to the most vulgar forms of debauchery . 

Congratulations Tanmay. 

Your act will definitely spawn a new breed of even more vulgar, irresponsible, opportunistic brats, out to make a quick buck !!! The only thing roasted here are India's young talented strugglers who believed success comes with hard work and perseverance.

Tanmay should be congratulated for sticking his neck out in furthering the rot in the system and exploiting it shamelessly, but the credit for creating a Tanmay goes to us as a Society.

The modern day aspirational Indian society,dominated by media, seeking desperately to lose it's own skin to grow a new one, inspired by random, misconstrued but at the same time "cool" sounding propaganda. A society which doesn't have time to sit back and take the time to take a long hard look at itself, forever looking for solace in "fresh content", "likes" and "hits", their minds enslaved with the thirst for instant gratification - a powerful Beast with a primitive brain.

I shudder to think of the time when this Beast is hungry for more variety and who it's next victim will be.

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  1. Meenakshi Shukla8 May 2017 at 22:01

    The Government, media and corporates appear to be simply waiting for people to forgive, forget and be more tolerant as usual so Tanmay Bhat can once again start his sexually explicit and vulgar rants to mislead and corrupt the minds of the next generation