Wednesday, 1 June 2016

4 Counter Questions to Media Experts regarding Tanmay Bhat


The media usually does a great job at embarrassing anyone who makes the slightest of slip ups. It should too. It helps keep everyone in check. That's why I was wondering why Tanmay Bhat is their blue eyed boy. 

(Tanmay Bhat at center with his morphed faces from the video on the sides)

Now that all the vested interests including Tanmay Bhat have milked the issue of his posting the controversial and distasteful video regarding Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar,

Now, that they have made their money and have moved on to greener pastures,

Now that Snap Chat has been engraved into every grey cell in every Indian's brain, 

Now, that media has blamed politicians (their favorite punching bag) for even murmuring that Tanmay Bhat was wrong,

Now, that everyone else is also busy with other issues,

I would like to answer 4 questions raised by media anchors in their posh air conditioned studios, with their gelled hair and Armani suits, by raising 4 questions myself. 

Their Editors/team craftily posed certain questions to the critics of the video knowing full well that the people they have posed the questions to, will never cross the line of decency and hence never ever never ever be able to answer them.

I can , because there is no one to mute my voice, or shout over my voice and so I am raising counter questions.

But first let me congratulate Salim Khan ji, father of actor Salman Khan for giving us some perspective on the video. He said in an interview with Times Now, “I don’t know the details of it...but whatever I have heard, it’s totally should not be done at all...they should be discouraged very very strongly...”

While speaking to India Today, Khan said, “it is the most third grade thing that has been done; if this is humour then God bless them."

“When anybody is this kind of a thing then they should get their brains tested or they should be in the asylum,” he added.

This decent man was short of saying that such a person (Tanmay Bhat) belongs in a mental asylum.

So far the only gutsy comment from a celebrity. Now I know where the actor Salman Khan gets his testosterone from.

So now onto the 4 questions raised by media and 4 counter questions . If they answer my question then they will get the answer to their question:
  1. "Why is it acceptable if Kapil Sharma makes fun of people and not acceptable if Tanmay Bhat makes fun of people. "
Counter Question :" Do you know the difference between sex and rape? "
  2. "Why are you getting offended if Sachin and Lata ji are not offended?"

Counter Question :" Will you Mr. Anchor ask the same question if Mr. Tanmay Bhat told you that you are his son since he raped your mother jokingly"

Over the next few days, both Anjali Tendulkar (Wife of Sachin Tendulkar), Vinod Kambli (Ex Cricketer and friend of Sachin Tendulkar) and Sisters of Lata Mangeshkar have reacted to this obnoxious video. So there, you people in your urgent hurry for "instant verdicts" spoke too soon. Click the rotten mango for more reactions : 

3. "Don't you think we are blocking freedom of expression which is a fundamental right?"

Counter Questions : "Would you support freedom of expression if Mr. Tanmay Bhat posted this tweet about your 5 year old daughter ? How would you feel if I stand up for Mr. Bhat's freedom of expression after he tweets about your daughter?"
Tanmay Bhat tween on little girl's boobs
So how is this funny ??

 4. "How can you talk about this issue when there is a drought?"

Counter Questions : "Will you be ok if your mother/child  is gangraped and killed and politicians refuse to talk or take action on it because there is a drought in the State? Why are you focusing on this story and creating Twitter Hashtags when there is a drought in the State?Would you ask this question when after the rape, Mr. Tanmay Bhat tweets this ?"

Tanmay Bhat Tweet on Child Rape
Tanmay Bhat Tweet on Child Rape. Is This funny?

Finally a question instead of a counter question :

Why is the media leaving Tanmay Bhat alone? 
In some "scams" the media reaches the homes of the people they are "seeking answers from". They harass and heckle the person, his family and staff, everywhere they go. Sometimes, they even go abroad to "catch" a few sound bytes. They will hound a person to such an extent that he wont even be able to masturbate without a camera up his ass or a mike thrust down his throat. 

Here are some links of the trouble and expenses the media took to hound down celebrities :

1. Rajdeep Sardesai interviewing Lalit Modi

2.Times Now investigating Augusta Westland

The examples above may hint at extreme cases, but my point can be easily illustrated by switching on an T.V. channel and this is across the board, not necessarily the channels or reporters mentioned above.

But this time there wasn't much investigation.Rather a hurry to bury.  This time the person involved is part of the "family" of the Media. A tangible resource who has the potential to earn them big bucks and quick bucks. Hence all investigations are closed, and editorials urging people to ignore and forget this issue are being written. No "Breaking News" in this case.


Dear news anchors, I know that after getting foreign degrees, you want to blindly ape some twisted journalists.You like quoting Voltaire and other greats out of context and will continue to do it to justify immoral acts and feel proud to be pseudo intellectuals.  

You want to support concepts where it's ok to post cartoons of a God and mock God . You think you are God. 

But please remember you are in India. Indian's won't be corrupted so easily. We know you are on the payrolls of those who want to twist our society into total anarchy. The social fabric in some other countries has been ripped apart and now they feel jealous as to how Indian society is still strong and relatively well knit. Unfortunately they are influential and educated and know how to manipulate great sounding terms into their own advantage or just for fun. 

So as an Indian (if you think you are , I am no one to judge you) the very least you can do is understand what is a Bharat Ratna (India's Jewel) - There, I translated it for you, now go and understand it.

Unfortunately for you, the people of India have seen through you and know that you are nothing but slaves to T.R.P. and twitter trends who will prostitute themselves to make it through the night. So remember this, be human and do either of one thing : Either simply report events or leave your job as journalists and become opinion makers. Things tend to go terribly wrong when a prostitute tries to fashion herself as a therapist. 

Unfortunately for you the people of India can now also articulate their thoughts very well using the English Language, so its no longer your domain. 

The politicians have also seen through you. That is why the MNS and other politicians filed a police complaint instead of beating the hell out of this incestuous pervert of a person call Tanmay Bhat. They were smart. Otherwise you would have made a hero or martyr out of him.

So come up with some quality content, some in depth analysis and some good questions please.

God Bless. 

“When anybody is this kind of a thing then they should get their brains tested or they should be in the asylum,” he added.


  1. You have exposed Tanmay bhatt specially with those twitter details. Why is that truth always hidden.

  2. Pushkar Prajapati11 January 2018 at 02:26

    @rottenmangoman it is bloggers like you who truly have the guts to expose the presstitute media
    You relentless efforts are to be commended. Blind filthy rich corporate companies are easily misled by these prestitute sutradhaars who simply create illusions and apparitions. Multinational Companies should endorse and support blog such as yours since they have a real connect with the common man.