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Tanmay Bhat -This is hillarious

A second wave media management initiatives to justify Tanmay Bhat's Snapchat Video

It's funny how the high and mighty just won't give up trying to protect Tanmay Bhat. It's equally funny how they sincerely believe that the common man wont be able to see through it !!! After the first wave of blogs, articles and posts published and promoted on top internet portals by top media houses didn't seem to bring people to worship Tanmay Bhat, a series of second wave measures were unleashed. Here is an overview of the way the rich and powerful are trying to ensure Tanmay is accorded God like status.

  • "See Tanmay has also been mocked - so lets move on" reaction. 

Image featured on NDTV for Gaurav Gera's video as Lata Mangeshkar rottenmangoman
Gaurav Gera's video capture - Click the image for the link to the article

I mean this one is so amateur. It reminds you of the days when an elder would pretend to hit another person to stop a child from crying. This one was done by Gaurav Gera, who made a snapchat face swapping video as Lata Mangeshkar and "allegedly" mocks Tanmay Bhat. It then of course urges everyone to forget about this whole episode as there were "more important issues".This was hailed and lauded by paid media.Of course, it neither asks Tanmay for at least an apology.

 Click the rotten mango for the full article.

  • "Those who oppose Tanmay Bhat are anti LGBT"
This one is a bit strategic and complicated. This requires the cooperation of a saboteur who will sacrifice himself (for some returns of course). This one was done by comedian Sunil Pal, where he come to the forefront as a "critic" of Tanmay's Video about Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar, but ends up criticizing the LGBT community. The result :
1. Tanmay Bhat suddenly gets sympathy
2. Sunil Pal gets trolled on Social Media
3. The issue of Tanmay's video is diluted and diverted.
4. All critics of Tanmay Bhat tend to get branded as evil, "intolerant" scum

Nicely played. 

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  • "Those who oppose Tanmay Bhat on Social Media are brave only because they are faceless and dishonest"
None other than Actor John Abraham implied the above statements. It appears he doesn't like it when people criticize Tanmay Bhat, so he calls them faceless and dishonest. Now, agreed that there are many fake profiles on the internet, but he never seems to mind them when they are his fans on Twitter. Does he verify every profile of his 1.5 million followers on Twitter ?? Besides, how can we verify whether you actually tweet or it's done by your social media team ? Stop with the hypocrisy  and double standards John !!! We know you are short of good roles,(Not money, I said good roles) but this role of a hypocrite doesn't suit you. 

Click the rotten mango for the full article.

  • "We have always been open to laughing at those we revere." - So basically we should continue to do that and not mind it. Let Tanmay insult us all. Let's all insult and ridicule everything we are proud of - Yippee Freedom of Expression - Long live the Libtards !!!
Ok, so this is part of a statement by outspoken parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor. This was actually part of the first wave of defense since it was posted on his Facebook page on 1st June 2016, but the articles on this continue to be promoted as late as 3rd June 2016 on "respectable" portals. 

Note 2 important aspects of why this is suspicious.:
1. He says he hasn't seen the video !!! 
2. When any politician criticizes the Snapchat video by Tanmay Bhat he is accused of "politicizing the issue." But when Mr. Tharoor asks people to be "tolerant" of a video he hasn't even seen, see how the media article loves it. 

Click the rotten mango for the article. 

  • "Satire articles by anonymous authors or authors without last names
This is the very latest gimmick, just uploaded today. In the article recently uploaded, India is called "Pelpur an incredibly absurd country, Raj Thackery's MNS is called MMS. It even tries to mock those authors who have simply dared to criticize Tanmay Bhat. At least the author who criticized Tanmay was honest enough to give his full name. It also lables people criticizing Tanmay on Twitter as "unemployed" - WOW, ALL THIS IN THE NAME OF SATIRE. 

It's amazing how desperate the paid media with it's own twisted agenda is getting to insult Indian's who were just about beginning to find their footing and National pride.

Click here for the article criticizing Tanmay Bhat.

Click the rotten mango for the article written in satire defending Bhat, which appears to be authored by someone with the first name only and no twitter account. (Most authors on that portal provide their twitter handles. Most authors would love to get more followers on twitter, but not this one it seems. This one exists solely for the purpose of writing 6 articles of satire, with the last one lambasting those who dared criticize Tanmay. - Unreal to see this from such a reputed portal. Talk about credentials.!!!

Let's see what's in store for the third wave. 


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  1. Just because people learn a bit of english and learn how to upload videos they think they can subject the people of India to any cr@p. I am no fan of Tendulkar but Tanmay Bhat shows the kind of rot that has infested the highest corridoors of corporate world. Shame that 70 years of education in Independant India has spawned such gutter filth