Sunday, 12 June 2016


Keeanu Reeves actor waking up from Matrix with wires attached (modified)
Are you caught in the Matrix?Are you wiling to be unplugged?

So, most of the earth's population with access to T.V. and internet has probably watched the movie Matrix. In case you haven't here is what it's about .

Even though it's a work of fiction, some people started wondering whether humanity is really plugged into an artificial reality program in which you are only made to believe that you are in control of things, but in reality it's someone else, (it was a machine in the movie) which is projecting a reality in your brain and using you and your energy for it's benefit.

Well, here  is my take on certain aspects of this concept. Take a look and see if some of you feel you are in a similar situation. Here is the list :

1. You feel restless without your mobile phone and/ or internet.

2. You feel depressed when no one reacts to your post on social media, but elated when you get a like or retweet or a friend request from a person you know nothing about.

3. You are stuck in a job/course you don't like but you feel you have to do it.

4. You disagree with someone's opinion but you don't express it for fear of sounding uncool and intolerant. 

5. You really didn't like that movie but chose to say you loved it, since your friends did.

6. You believe all the information provided by the Media is the truth and also believe that there is no such thing as propoganda or paid news.That the mainstream media is unbiased and independent and that they report stories as soon as they get to know about them.

7. You refuse to believe that your favorite sports person or movie actor is appearing in an advertisement is simply doing his/ her job to make money and blindly buy the product they endorse.

8. You believe that six pack abs and huge muscular body can be achieved in 60 days, without professional help of diet, medication and professional coaches.

9.You believe that the more your six pack abs appear, the healthier you are.

10. You love the fact that a cell phone tower has been installed near your house so now you will get better reception.

11. You believe that spending time on your laptop is good for you and cool, instead of spending it talking to someone or going out to see new places.

12.You are more focused on whether a movie actor is really dating someone or whether your team will win a match, rather than your own health and well being of the environment.

13. You think eating junk food and eating supplements is better than eating whole nutritious food.

14. You believe that traffic congestion, pollution and sensory overload are normal part of life.

15. You get impatient and depressed when things don't happen at the click of a button.

16. You are totally engrossed with which new gadget is being launched in the market.

17. You define your success by the model of car, the size of your house and locality.

18. You are paying off EMIs and credit card bills/ loans every month and your whole life revolves around it.

19. You feel more comfortable accepting things rather then questioning them.

20. You sincerely believe that Non Government Organizations are owned by extremely poor people whose don't have a selfish agenda and do their work without money for helping mankind.

21. You believe that handing your 5 year old child a smartphone makes him/her smarter.

22. You believe your intelligence is measured by the number of apps on your mobile phone.

23. You are convinced that no sports matches are fixed.

24. You are sure that the web portal offering discounts is making huge losses by doing so.

25. You are absolutely certain that advertisers don't know about your person browsing habits on the internet and the ads and articles the pop up on your screen are pure coincidence.

26. You are sure that the call center marketing executive is offering you a scheme which is uniformly priced and that he doesn't have a clue about your purchase habits. 

27. You believe that the more expensive a medicine, the more effectively it will cure you.

28. You believe that a new Government/Prime Minister/Chief Minister/Senator will change everything and that your personal actions don't matter!!

29. You feel that you must respond to every phone call that comes.

30. You are convinced that wars are fought between "Good" and "Evil"or conflict of ideologies  and that oil corporations and weapons manufacturers have nothing to do with it. 

31. You believe that no one is influencing you or no one is trying to influence you and that you are the master of your own destiny. 

32. You are convinced that credit card companies offer "free" service to enable you to buy things without cash or online. 

33. You are absolutely sure your private data is secure and no one knows about your dirty little secrets

Got any others ? Do you really want to unplug yourself? How many of the above checked the boxes for you ?

I will keep updating this as more signs come to mind. 


  1. I have experienced all the above symptoms and am convinced we are controlled by a superior software program

  2. I agree. We are all being brain washed and contolled by mysterious forces

  3. Well written. Everyone must learn to be free from the Matrix

  4. 30/33 was my score.

  5. I was always getting this feeling long before the Matrix was released and I was waiting for such a blog @rottenmangoman where like minded people could share there views