Sunday, 19 June 2016

Udta Punjab Review



So finally, after all the noises being made about the movie, specially by those "experts" , who had not even seen the movie, now it's finally out in theaters and also on the internet.

I think the only people who are actually qualified to review this apology of a movie are the following :
1. Those who have seen the movie
2. Those who have lived in Punjab
3. Those whose close friends/relative have succumbed to drug addiction in Punjab

Otherwise, Fuck Off Paid media and critics, stop trying to hide the fact that you and the movie's promoters are there to rake in the money and use Indian's sentiments to buy your new Range Rovers.

Yours truly qualifies for all of the above three and so here is the review:

First of all it appears that the Director, Writer and Producer of this movie brought a huge consignment of drugs and consumed it before going to Punjab. Because that's exactly all that they could see in Punjab. It's just not true. There is much more to Punjab.
So you really think a group of drug addicts can make this mall in Punjab Amritsar

Secondly, in the opening scene, they show a discus thrower athlete from Pakistan smuggling a consignment of drugs worth Crores of rupees by simply throwing it with high precision accuracy into India across the Indo Pak border. If that were the case, Pakistan would be all time Olympic champion in this sport. Further the Director and Writer, mock the Indian Army and Border Security Force for being so lapse, that one can simply toss drugs across the border. It's absurd. Thank God they did not show Pakistan tossing nuclear bombs across the border. Maybe they will keep that scene for Ud Gaya Punjab.Our borders cannot be so blatantly porous.

So, people from Pakistan simply throw drugs across the border and our BSF cannot find it according to the team of Udta Punjab

Thirdly, the Director, Writer and Producers, went about a very sadistic way of making profit. They took advantage of the fact that any society/culture is viewed suspiciously by another. For example it's very easy to convince locals in Bengaluru that a Sardarji is probably doing drugs, just as it is easy to convince a Delhiite that a Maharshtrian is very stingy. People easily believe strange rumors about another community. So the Director and Writers concocted up this whole drama about the Movie being about the war against drugs and did not have to try very hard to sell the idea that Punjabis are nothing but drug addicted funny people. I found it very repulsive.

Fourthly they realized that in order to make crores and crores of rupees in profit, they would have to introduce lots of foul filthy language and rake up a controversy which is exactly what they did.

In short, without the controversy, this movie is nothing but a mediocre drain inspector's report (a drain inspector only sees filth and garbage) being cleverly marketed as some kind of social cause, art movie.

Fifth, the movie makers adopt the standard mantra - Politicians Bad, Police Corrupt, Army/BSF Useless.Media and Rockstars very very good.

The movie is far from the truth. The new Punjab is full of hard working,extremely intelligent, upwardly mobile people who are sensible enough to know the damage drugs cause. Yes, like in every State, it has it's share of problems but is certainly not overwhelmed by it.

Here is a glimpse of real Udta Punjab


The plot is about the lives of 4 people, Sartaj Singh(Corrupt Cop whose conscience awakens when his younger brother is addicted to drugs), Dr. Preet Sahni (a doctor who works on treatment and rehab of drug addicts and promotes awareness against drugs),Kumari  Pinky who is a migrant labor from Bihar and Tommy Singh (a rockstar who does drugs but eventually realizes its not worth it)

Tommy Singh is riding high on his success as a Rock Star. People are crazy for his songs. His songs contain filthy language. He does drugs. He gets into trouble with his financiers for being unable to meet the deadline to release his next album. He gets into trouble with the police for doing drugs. He is jailed and after being released from jail gets into more trouble when he tells a rock show audience that he is just a dumb guy and they are even dumber for paying to watch him sing. He bumps into Kumari Pinki briefly before she is taken hostage by drug mafia goons. He goes and rescues her and he sends her to a foreign resort for safety.

Sartaj Singh is a corrupt cop. On seeing his younger brother Balli become a victim to the same drugs he allowed safe passage to at his checkpost he has a change of heart. He teams up with Dr. Preet Sahni who is also trying to rehabilitate Balli and both turn detectives and gather evidence regarding the drug mafia and politician nexus . They plan to release the evidence first to Election Commission and then to the Media. However, Balli, in his fit of withdrawal symptoms kills Dr. Preet Sahni. The police reach there and discover the evidence gathered by Sartaj and Dr. Sahni. The corrupt police take Sartaj hostage and bring him to the residence of the drug mafia don from where Sartaj shoots people and escapes with his brother. He releases the evidence to Media and it becomes some controversy.

Kumari Pinky is a migrant labor from Bihar. She discovers a packet of drugs while working in the fields. She tries to sell it to the drug mafia don, but in some confusion drops the packet in a well before being caught by the drug mafia goons. They inject her with drugs and rape her repeatedly and make her a prostitute. After bumping briefly into Tommy Singh, she resists taking drugs and is finally rescued by Tommy Singh.


Had it not been for the controversy, this movie would have probably bombed. They should probably dontate some profit to Censor Board.

Crass and cringe worthy acting by Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhat were enough to have sunk this ship, had it not been some face saving performances by Diljit Dosanj, Prabhjyot Singh and others. (Read more here

See it if you must, but for Heaven's sake don't let them create such a poor image of Punjab / Punjabis in your mind. Don't be fooled - This movie is nothing more than a cash cow - a money making machine created by the team of Udta Punjab to secure their financial future.Its a perfect example of poorly made commercial cinema being disguised as art cinema. 

Star cast and crew

Director :
 Abhishek Chaubey

Produced by : 
Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane, Madhu Mantena, Vikas Bahl

Main Actors : 
Shahid Kapoor(Tommy Singh),
 Alia Bhatt(Kumari Pinky/Mary Jane),
 Diljit  Dosanj(Sartaj Singh) 
 Kareena Kapoor (Dr. Preet Sahni), 
Prabhjyot Singh (Balli - younger brother of Sartaj Singh),
Satish Kaushik (Tayaji)
Hapreet Singh (Shamsheer)

Bhawsheel Singh Sahni (Lucky)
Suhail Nayyar (Satish Kaushik's son and Tommy Singh's close friend/crew)
Manav Vij (Boss of ASI Sartaj Singh)
Vansh Bhardwaj (Sympathetic goon who cares for Alia Bhat in her captivity but also rapes her with his other friends)
Kamal Tewari ( Maninder Brar - Minister who is secretly promoting drug trade)
Mahabir Bhullar (Veerji)
Anastasya Hamolka(First foreigner girlfriend of Tommy Singh)

Music by : 
Amit Trivedi

Production company :
 Balaji Motion Pictures and Phantom Films


  1. Hillarious, well put. The movie makers themselves out to make a quick buck !! Not Oscar quality at all.

  2. Ekta Kapoor and Sanjay Leela Bhansali belong to the same opportunistic inbred club relying on controversy instead of creativity