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In the previous blog, I mentioned that a lot of the agencies which exercise control over the Common Man are perceived to be the Matrix. But I believe this is not so. There are mere conduits for the Matrix to exercise and enforce control protocols. 
Here is an illustrative example of how the Matrix operates. It's only a small part of the total picture.

Now there are a couple of points to be noted in the above animation and you are free to keep pressing the play button to observe those points.It should be also understood that "Common Citizen" does not necessarily mean an entity which is not one of the agencies. Common Citizen includes both the agencies and those not part of it. Those who are under complete control of the Matrix as well as those who are under partial or no control of the Matrix.

You would also have noticed that no Religious authority or institution has been mentioned here. The reason for this is that some information and knowledge mentioned in Religious books actually contain scripts to free oneself from the Matrix. On realizing their potent strengths, the Matrix managed to acquire control over some of the propagators or influential speakers and twist and corrupt the original scripts through misinterpretations. This led to the exact effect the Matrix sought - people started looking at the teachings with some cynicism, leading to loss of faith and confidence in themselves.

1. Inter connectivity : 

The first thing apparent from the graphic is the obvious high level of interconnection between all agencies. This interconnection is absolutely essential for the Matrix to implement its protocols. The model above should be visualized in at least 3 dimensions at a minimum to fully appreciate it. It should also be noted that the above graphic is only a tiny illustrative example and that the interconnections are even more intricate.

Let us say , the inter connectivity shown between Corporates and Common Man.

This doesn't have to be as illustrated : Corporate --> Media -->Common Man or Corporate -->Banks -->Common Man, but the linkages exist directly as well , so , Corporate -->Common Man linkage does exist but is not shown here in this partial graphic. In any case, the Corporates manage to exercise better implementation of embedding protocols (P1 - P4. See previous blog) through agencies such as the Media(advertisement) and the Banks(salaries/ loans). 

2. Flow of Control Protocols :

On pressing play, one sees small spheres of instruction and control protocols of the Matrix being downloaded onto the various agencies. This sometimes does occur through direct linkages also such as Matrix -->Common Man, but the Matrix finds it more effective when such communications are routed through it's agencies.

The flow of such protocols keep travelling back and forth until they are fully assimilated and become integrated with the subconscious of the Common Man.

However, there are only 2 exceptions to the flow of protocols which normally follow a 2 way traffic (back and forth)

A. Flow from the Matrix is always one way. This is the Matrix's way of safeguarding itself from being affected by glitches which do occur.

B. Flow from agencies to Common Citizen. 

In both cases A and B above the flow is one way.

3. The need for Agencies :

Reasons for involvement of Agencies are obvious. To enforce control and to create illusion of free will. One of the surest way of establishing control is through what are called Emotional Carriers. Some of these include :

1. Fear 
2. Lust
3. Greed / Gluttony
4. Anger / Angst / Wrath
5. Sloth
6. Pride
7. Envy

Seven deadly sins, you may say, but the list is more exhaustive and this is again illustrative.

To be continued..... Methods of enforcement

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