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Image shows a maze with Matrix movie rain effect in the background
Can you negotiate the Maze ?
In my previous blog I talked about how you may have been affected by the Matrix.Is there a way NOT to be affected? Is it possible to remain within the Matrix and not be affected by it, or does one have to leave it altogether? Do you have to die to unplug yourself? How many NEOs are out there in real life?
 I have wondered how does one successfully navigate through it, without being detected or becoming a victim of it?

To understand this, one has to first understand the Matrix. In the first part of this blog, I will try to do that.

First of all you have to be really really sure that you want out. I mean , some people really don't find it so bad to be part of the Matrix.There are so many people who have been so completely conditioned to be part of the Matrix that they may feel incredibly uncomfortable leaving it. So basically you have four choices in this regard:

1. Be a part of the Matrix and continue things as they are.
2. Try to break away from the Matrix but suffer every day of your life.
3. Successfully liberate yourself from the Matrix, but wonder what now?
4. Be a part of the Matrix and successfully negotiate through it like NEO, using its rules to your own advantage.

But  the obvious question that comes to mind is , what is the Matrix? The movie offers some clues but it's not entirely accurate.One needs to combine a couple of movies to get some idea. For starters, combining The Truman Show, Inception and The Matrix is a good idea of how it really functions in our reality. Over here, I purposely left out Matrix 2 and Matrix 3, because although they do offer some insights, the directors/ story writers diluted the original context , probably because they had a fictional story to narrate and producer's to keep happy.

From my various experiences and attempts to unearth this knowledge, I agree that the Matrix is a collection of a set of rules to keep things in control. These set of rules or code, keep getting updated from time to time just like software updates, but the original purpose of the program remains the same.

One can't see it(THE MATRIX), but one can experience it's effects (some of which I have mentioned in my previous blog ). We have not yet been converted into batteries in the literal sense, but the general aim of the Matrix does appear to sap our mental power and thereby render us physically drained as well. This forms an effective means of control, winning without having to fight. 

What you will read in the following series of blogs will be my own personal views , which I will try to substantiate through concrete examples from everyday life. No, not some viral videos , but things which occur in normal routine, but which we generally miss or intentionally ignore. 

What the Matrix is surely NOT are the following. These are the tools/agents/ agencies that the Matrix uses to control us, to keep feeding us the updated modifications of the program as well as to create the perception that we are in full control of our own destiny:

1. Corporates
2. Government-Politicians and Bureaucrats
3. Media-News and Entertainment
4. Police/Enforcement
5. Criminals
6. Banks
7. Professionals (Lawyers/Doctors)
9. Common Man

These agencies act on behalf of the Matrix, knowingly or unknowingly. They act to ensure compliance of the following protocols required by the Matrix :

P1. The Matrix should have Absolute Control over the masses
P2. Removal of Free Will.
P3. Creation of the illusion of Free Will.
The masses should always feel                as if they are acting on their own free will
P4. Matrix should always win at enforcing P1,P2 and P3.

 It is the above protocols which dictate the entire setup on this planet.

What do I mean at Absolute Control and Removal of Free Will?

Illustrative Example :

This example is divided into 3 parts.

E1. Compliance , i.e. conforming to the Matrix protocols.
E2. Deviation from Compliance.
E3. Corrective Protocols of the Matrix.

E1 : Compliance
The Matrix wants you to act in accordance with patterns as defined by it. Let us say you work at an office. The Matrix will expect you to go to office and return. You may cheat on your partner by having lunch with your friend somewhere, as long as it can track your movements, you may pay your taxes, you may take your loved ones out on the weekend, spend some of that money you earned.

E2: Deviation
But if you were to say, drive to a new location instead of your office and simply sit in a public park,switch off your mobile/tablet/laptop/technology gadget and enjoy the view for no reason whatsoever, the Matrix has a problem with it. It will be even worse if it has difficulty in tracking your location and you are amongst strangers. It will be unable to identify and track the purpose of your sitting in the Garden . It will be worried that you may be upsetting the fine and perfect algorithms written out for other people who may see you sitting with no purpose and enjoying yourself.

E3: Corrective Protocols of the Matrix
On sitting in the garden, you may begin to experience sudden peace and self assurance. This activates the Matrix to initiate a series of Corrective Protocols to ensure that you stop indulging in such behavior. You may immediately experience the effects of such protocols. These include a group of rowdy individuals who may start playing near your location even though the entire park is empty and their ball/play equipment will hit you.Or a total stranger may approach you.
In case nothing happens immediately, you may find that when you do switch on your mobile/ gadget , that you are flooded with emails/texts of a crisis in office. It may be that your group CEO who didn't even know you existed for the last several years, summoned you on that particular day and on that particular time and you were missing. It could also be that even though you have mailed the updated power point presentation, that your boss still cant find it in his/her mailbox. Or it could be that your loved one has gotten into some kind of mishap.
Having said that, it is still quite possible that none of the things mentioned above happen. It could be that absolutely nothing happens. This only shows that the Matrix is a bit slow in response , either intentionally to make you believe that it does not exist, or unintentionally, since it takes time to write out instructions of code for Corrective Protocols which sound realistic to you.So wait for a few days to observe how the environment around you is affected or repeat similar acts.
In case you notice that there is no change whatsoever, it means that your actions are not affecting the Matrix to the extent that you are considered a threat to its programming and you can go on repeating that action. That you are basically under the radar.

Can you recall some similar examples? 

To be continued...


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