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Some of the methods of enforcement the Matrix uses are both noteworthy and at the same time easily identifiable. They are intended to be subtle, but, if you press a pause button in your very busy life, you will be able to identify them. The real beauty of it all is that one can feel them inherently. There may or may not be a mathematical theorems or algorithms to realize them but perhaps axioms which can be understood and acknowledged. Identifying them gives your power to overcome them. In most of the methods of enforcement, the brain is the target. Obviously this is the best way to target and disable a subject, since the brain controls everything.

The Matrix needs 3 things while attacking the brain:

1. Hack the Brain
2. Suppress the Brain
3. Control the Brain

1. Sensory Overload :

This is by far the easiest to experience.The Matrix is able to overload one or many or all of the senses. Ever wondered why there is free music, free porn, free content. Its to get you so saturated, you are unable to think.

Here are some more everyday examples :

1. Eyes : Mobile, Computer, laptop, television, electronic tablets, rowdy traffic, movies, Exaggerated L.E.D. lighting on buildings/ cars, Malls,  causing light pollution at night

2. Ears : iPODs, headphones, office noise, refrigerators, television, internet, traffic, party music, advertisements with subliminal messaging.

3. Taste : Fast food joints, drinks, over the counter snacks, candy, coffee chains, use of synthetic preservatives, high sugar and salt content  in packaged snacks.

4. Smell : Everyone wearing artificial deos, fast food chains, vehicular emissions, air fresheners, sprays on uplholstery/carpets, chemicals used in toilet cleaners, chemicals used in parlors.

5. Touch : Travelling in crowded metros, public places, packed schedules of meetings, presentations and parties, air conditioning.

6. Social : Internet and other devices which can connect you and keep you constantly worried about your social worth.

7. Information : This aspect of information overload is done with a lot of meticulous and astute planning. Internet, Television and other media contribute greatly to this aspect. At the same time, Common Man has also started contributing to this aspect. This has left the original meaning of information, i.e. the collation of data, to become obsolete. Information is now being defined as the amount of propoganda or promotion one concept has over the other, and does not rely on facts all the time- Giving birth to Post Truth. This has led to creation of so many contradictions, that it leaves the brain perplexed. Selective control and release of facts has led to people forming very different opinions on the same subject, depending on which media they have been exposed to and in which region. 

For example, in order to lose weight, one doctrine will prescribe consuming lots of sugar and fat, while the other will tell you to omit it altogether and consume only proteins. Some articles tell you sugar is good and necessary or that it's not all that bad(sponsored by sugar and chocolate and sugar industry) , while others will tell you that since you consume so much of it, you must be already pre diabetic (Pharma advertisement)

Suddenly, the awareness of what is actually right or wrong for you is diminishing. 

8. Body Position : 

Forcing the body into unnatural crouching positions creates a hell lot of health problems. The classic example of this is the design of the chair. It causes innumerable health issues and helps keep the brain subverted. Combined with the ergonomically disastrous designs of the keyboard and computers monitors, it guarantees ill health, loss of independent thinking and expedites your turning into a zombie. Here is a pointer right at the very beginning. Set a timer for 30 minutes and take a break for 10 minutes. Go out into the sun, walk around and then come back and sit . After a few months, your mind will expand to wider horizons. 

9. Intrusions and Cyclic Loops


Every time you feel like doing something adventurous, something "important" will come up. Apply for a vacation, your boss will flood your table/ computer with urgent assignments. Feel like going for a drive, somehow a list of other important things pop up. Even if you do manage to just get out and get going, there will be sudden traffic jams and/or rail/air traffic delays. The important thing I have noticed that usually these are one time events. Due to the rather slow speed of the Matrix, it is able to throw up one or two distractions to dissuade your spirit. It does this for 2 reasons :

a. If you are dissuaded from recharging your soul, it has achieved it's purpose of establishing control over you and killed your spontaneity.

b. If you do manage to be patient and overcome the distraction event, chances are, it has managed to suck up enough of your energy so that your adventure ride is no longer as liberating for you as it would have been without the distractions. 

Cyclic Loops

These are also designed to quash spontaneity. One usually finds them in Government organizations and in large Private Sector organizations. They are more prominent in developing countries because the Matrix wants to keep as many humans as it can under it's control. Want to book a new cellular phone connection? When you try doing it spontaneously, the sales desk will make sure to make you do at least 2-3 trips in order to get it. The same goes for complaining to any Customer Care service center on this planet. They will sap your energy with questions like " Please provide your unique id number which we gave you 5 years ago along with the bill number " and ask you call back back again after you have finished all the numerous option buttons on your phone just to get through to talk to someone.

Getting a passport or any Government document is no different. They will sap your energy first before (if at all) doing your work.

But why is it you ask, so easy to buy a smartphone? That's because buying a smartphone will increase your initial and monthly expenditure, making your brain worry more about paying the bills than doing anything spontaneous.

Why is it so easy now a days to book a cab? That's because you have enabled the Matrix to track your every movement and person information stored on your mobile, so it knows whats going on with you and how to control you.

Its the same reason it's easy to buy an expensive car on EMI than it is to have it repaired through insurance.

Its the same reason it's easier to pay taxes but difficult to get refunds.

These are some of the Methods of enforcement, usually designed to kill spontaneity so that you remain subservient and zombie like.

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  1. Yeah, this stuff really happens. It's all about control and it is really difficult to survive.