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Zaira Wasim caught in real life Kashmir's ugly Dangal ?

Zaira Wasim plays victim's role in real life Kashmir Dangal to perfection.

16 year old actress Zaira Wasim surely won accolades for her role as young Geeta Phogat in Aamir Khan produced Dangal(meaning wrestling competition) - a movie about wrestling.

This in itself is a stupendous achievement for anyone, particularly a teenager. She had been into modelling for Nokia Lumia and Tata Sky earlier on and hence it would surely have been amazing for this talented actor to conquer such a milestone at an early age.

But little did Zaira realize, that she would be thrown into a real life situation where powerful people will "wrestle" to take credit for her achievements.

It wall started when people started trolling Zaira for her meeting with the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. Following this she posted an apology/ confession on facebook. This triggered a real life "wrestling match" of sorts.


On one side is the land where she lives and her religion. Brainwashed through malicious propaganda, not all Kashmiris consider themselves part of India, even though they have no hesitation to enjoy the benefits of infrastructure and opportunities provided by India.

Out of this population of Kashmiris are those swayed, through incentives, to continue to whip up the rhetoric of separating from India as an independent state or align with Pakistan.

On the other side are the surrogates, those who want to portray to India, that they are the only ones who can keep the peace in Kashmir and align the Kashmiris favorably towards India.

Then there are those who have been ostracized from Kashmir and want to reclaim their rightful ownership and privileges.

Then there is the Government, who is bound by its own legacy of laws, self image and history.

Then there is Aamir Khan - master strategist, who wants to promote his next movie #Secret Superstar, (starring Zaira Wasim) whose trailers reveal a story about a Kashmiri Girl who wants to become a rock star but is held back by the beliefs of her family. !!!! Wow, the resemblance is so striking !!! The movie's plot  also appears to bear uncanny resemblance to what happened with Kashmiri all girl rock band Pragaash. A real life incident such as the trolling of Zaira could possibly be best promotion and marketing for Secret Superstar. But can Aamir Khan and Indian Media stoop so low as to play with the sentiments of so many millions? 

So its not surprising how hurt one can get, if one is used  in this wresting match with 5-6 parties pulling at you or throwing you in opposite directions. It's amazing that she survived.

Her apology itself is carefully worded and she literally surrenders to those who do not wish to associate with India in any way.

Here are some questions for the Kashmir Dangal players:

1.Did Zaira Wasim seek appointment with Mehbooba Mufti or was she invited by her ?

2. Who gets more mileage from the meeting ?

3. If the Chief Minister did call her, is it possible for a 16 year old (or anyone) to turn down the invitation ?

4.If she was called, then why was she called? Doesn't the Government know that it would put Zaira in a difficult position? If yes, then isn't is shameful to use Zaira as a pawn ? Now that it has backfired, thanks to her apology, isn't it undoing the good that has come about after so many years and efforts to encourage Kashmiris to have a good and bright future ?

5. Aamir Khan is a highly intelligent man. He did support her through a carefully worded tweet but never criticized the trolls and kept silent on the Kashmir issue. Did he never anticipate this ? What steps did his production house take to prevent this ? What is he doing to protect her family and relatives settled in Kashmir ? Is he waiting for them to suffer harassment as well, so that he can tweet his sympathy about it and get hailed as a hero ? Is he contributing some funds towards development of Kashmiri youth from the almost U.S.$100 million box office money ?

6. What about other Zaira's ? After reading the apology, which other young Kashmiri girl would feel safe and secure when  acting in Indian Cinema ?

The truth is, everyone targeted her, the horrendous trolls, the so called protectors, the celebrities expressing sympathy, angst and surprise on television channels and twitter and facebook, the media who milked her story for T.R.P.s  and the one's who cast her. No one showed any hesitation to cast her at the alter of their own greed for power, fame and money.

But what about Zaira? Did she apologize out of fear and frustration or was it because she genuinely felt affiliated to the cause of Kashmir being separate from the Indian Union? As per her next post she says she wasn't forced to do so. "Neither was I forced nor am I against anyone. "

There are reports that Zaira did not stand up when India's National Anthem was being played during the screening of her movie in one of the theaters in Jammu. Here is the link :

As per Supreme Court of India's verdict, it is mandatory to stand up while the National Anthem is being played. 

So in reality, is she confused ? frightened? or is it that at a very early age, she has made up her mind to use India as a vehicle for success and fame while remaining fiercely loyal to the cause of Kashmir as a separate nation? You decide.(What would you do if you are surrounded and hounded by anti India people who threaten you or you risk having a Fatwa of death declared against you the minute you are perceived pro India?)

Still not decided ? Here are some earlier posts of Zaira Wasim, prior to her being "trolled"

She certainly need not worry about Indian Media though. The mainstream popular media will never ever let this incident about her supposed disrespect to the Indian National Anthem get reported. She is too valuable a commercial asset for them. Thanks to her commercial success, she has established herself as a TRP generator and father figure Aamir Khan, the master media manipulator will ensure her social image, since the success of his next movie Secret Superstar starring  Zaira will rest on it. If nothing else, this incident only helped in promoting this next movie.

As per World Economic Forum survey 2017, Indian Media is second least trusted institution in the world. 

From every way you look at it, the victim is  the future generation of Jammu and Kashmir.

Frankly, this is one Dangal I absolutely detested.

Updates :

1.She got into Twitter Spat with India's Sports Minister Vijay Goel when he tweeted this while posing for the photo below:
“This painting tells a story similar to @zairawasim, पिंजरा तोड़ कर हमारी बेटियां बढ़ने लगी हैं आगे | More power to our daughters!”
The "story" he may have been referring to could be that of the movie Dangal, where she essays the role of a girl from  Haryana who makes it big in Wrestling despite Haryana being a state noted for it's bias against girls.But Zaira apparently interpreted the tweet as to being patronizing towards "kashmiri muslim women." She tweeted back 

“Sir, with all respect to you, I feel I must disagree. I request you not to connect me to such a discourteous depiction. Women in hijab are beautiful and free. Moreover, the story depicted through this painting is not even remotely relevant to mine,” Wasim said in a series of tweets.

Despite the Indian Minister clarifying, it did not work. He finally concluded tweeting this :

“You have interpreted wrong. I appreciated your work and stated that evil and patriarchal notions must be discouraged. I’m afraid you still haven’t understood. But I wish you all the very best and appreciate your work. Hope to meet & interact too,” 

Well Hon'ble Minister, maybe she misinterprets by choice. It works in her favor. Did anyone notice how unapologetic Zaira can get when she chose to reprimand a senior Indian Minister ?? Will Indian Government wake up?? When will we all wake up??

2. The Government is now contemplating providing security to Zaira Wasim.

3. The whole anti India theme seems to run in the family. According to reports Zara and her mother Zarqa were trolled for the pro Pakistan face posts by Zara's mother. 

Here is one of her posts :

In it's typical shameful response, media chose not to have elaborate panel discussions condemning the trolling this time. 


  1. These people take full advantage of India's facilities but dont hesitate to attack it at any opportunity. Modiji should arrest these traitors and freeze their bank accounts

  2. Everyone should get right of self determination

  3. Great blog @rottenmangoman !! at least you had the courage to tell us as all the facts which paid media normally supresses. High time India stops pampering these over rated kashmiri terrorists

  4. Zaira wasim recently falsely implicated an innocent man and destroyed his carreer and family. Do write about it @rottenmangoman

  5. Zaira's irresponsible behavior and the blind media support for her may ultimately be detrimental to safety and integrity of woman in India. Media and celebrities alike should stop pampering her.