Wednesday, 11 January 2017


PEOTUS Donald Trump and the Media have three things in common.
1.Both agree to disagree
2.Both refuse to blink.
3.Both don't shy away from exploring new frontiers and limits to which the battle can be taken.

This tussle helped Donald Trump a lot during elections, with the "one man against the system" syndrome - one of his popular electoral vehicles which carried him through.

But while the Media sought a masturbatory self assurance by thinking this was just an election gimmick and that once elected, the man would sober down like most of the previous holders of the Office of POTUS, they probably never imagined the reality that confronts them now-a -days.

Trump is taking them head on, even though he doesn't need to win elections and this is the problem.

As to why its making them angry? Well, because of the subtle or not so subtle message he is giving them - "they are not the sole custodians of the narrative"

This is a bitter pill to swallow for the Media. Such angst from the media is similar to the one found in so many institutions which were rendered obsolete as societies evolved. In India, the Brahmins had once fashioned themselves as the sole interpreters of God's will. They were the middlemen, who connected God with the common man. They were soon challenged by the Bhakti movement. Similarly the Protestant movement in Christianity challenged conventional wisdom. Dictators, Kings and Aristocrats have been similarly either overthrown or stripped off their power and balance restored in other parts of the world, throughout history.

In Democracy, Media, which was once the challenger, gradually mutated to the role of the modern day middleman. Keeping the Media in good humor helped the rulers propagate the right message to control and dominate the masses.

Then came Social Media and Internet. This enabled and unfiltered exposure on an unprecedented level - independent communication at the highest level - Some politicians considered this a boon and used it with great finesse to connect directly with the masses. Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India is a great example of this. He also managed to snub the Indian Media during his election campaign by connecting directly to the people through Social Media and Apps. As a result, not only did he manage to successfully survive the rigorous and malicious onslaught of the powerful Indian Media, but even managed to discredit their biased reporting. Such was his connect with the people, that whoever the Media supported at that time got even more unpopular, much like what happened with Hillary Clinton.

The days of Media domination are on the horizon, overthrown by the new adversary, Social Media. Amongst the powerful, at least the Politicians are learning how to break away from their cancer like clutches. Businessmen and Celebrities would also do well to learn from the Politicians.

This sudden loss of power, the loss of the ability to intimidate, the loss of the ability to brainwash the masses by repeating lies, has made them angry and sulk. It would be worthwhile for them to emulate the example of previous middlemen - the Priests, the Aristocrats, the Messiahs to move on and stick honestly to their professions. As long as the Brahmins stick to their job of performing worship, scholarly discussions or whatever their job is , they are still respected in India - as much as any other person from any other caste or creed who is contributing meaningfully to society. It is only when they claimed to be the sole custodians of power, and abused the trust of the people, that this absolute power was overthrown.

Donald Trump is one of the few world leaders to have taken the bull by the horns. There will be many others.


  1. People are able to see through the malicious, biased promoted stories propagated by the media. Media should focus on unbiased reporting. That will encourage trust building measures.

  2. The only problem is we dont know what is the true US policy. The one that is announced officially or the one that is tweeted

  3. #FakeNews media houses are unable to digest someone else being able to influence the masses without their help

  4. Mr Trump is said to have imitated the accent of Mr Modi, who can speak and understand English but prefers to speak in his native Hindi, and claimed that he said to him: ‘Never has a country given so much away for so little in return’ as the United States in Afghanistan.


      HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW ? Trump punishes Pak: US drone strikes Haqqani network terror camps

      A suspected US drone attack on a house in northwestern Pakistan killed atleast two militants from the Afghan Taliban-allied Haqqani network, two Pakistani security officials said on Wednesday. Two missiles hit a house and killed militants Ahsan Khorai and Nasir Mehmood in the village of Dapa Mamozai in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), according to a police officer and an intelligence official.