Thursday, 12 January 2017


Pierre David Guetta is a soul stirring DJ,record producer, remixer, and songwriter. But then it's best if we leave it at that. Turning him into some kind of source for salvation of humanity is going overboard. 

But that's exactly what most of the Indian media is trying to make him out to be. Under what appears to be a sinister, malafide, concocted scam, most of the Indian Media teamed up with the organizers Sunburn(an "intellectual property" of Percept Limited, who in itself is a media giant), and unleashed a tirade of headlines to defame the administration, police and the mindset of the people of Bengaluru. Here's how it went:

Indian media does it once again. Like foolish, spineless, corrupt ,  headline and TRP seekers that they are, they pounced onto Bengaluru's administration , police and reputation with a vengeance. The matter concerned the postponement of a David Guetta show .  

While the real reason for denial of permission by the local police was that the organizers got delayed in seeking police permission and had already sold the tickets, our media and its breed of brainless spin doctors immediately started spinning their web of lies. 

LIE #1
The event was cancelled by authorites .  

An event is deemed cancelled only if it was initially approved. The organizers had never been given approval in the first place because the organizers had never sought prior approval.
Secondly, the authority only asked them to reschedule the event, since the organizers approached them at the last minute. Since David Guetta could not give another date from his busy schedule, the organizer was forced to cancel the show and not the authority as falsely claimed by the organizer  

LIE #2
2.The organizers initially had the permission but were suddenly denied permission later, at the last minute. 

 The organizers Sunburn never had the permission. In a display of blatant arrogance and incompetence, Sunburn only thought it fit to seek police permission at almost the very last minute!!!

LIE #3
3.Police had asked organizer to cancel the show, since they were not confident to protect the citizens of Bengaluru. 

In order to make proper preparations for any big event, Police needs some time to assess a matter before granting permission. The organizer had approached police for permission only 2 days before the show(effectively giving only 1 days time) . Other events which were already taking place or scheduled with permission, obviously, take priority. Hence the argument that police was not confident of providing protection and control was totally baseless and biased.

SUNBURN, the organizers may have messed up big time and could be even liable to compensate people heavily for the delay in approaching the police to seek permission. The reason could be, like I mentioned, arrogance and incompetence. 

David Guetta is a powerful popular celebrity and extremely busy. Sunburn probably only managed to get a fixed date from David Guetta. In their arrogance, they probably assumed that the Bangaluru authorities will give them permission to host the event even if they approached them in the middle of the night.Since permission was denied, they probably chose second line of attack to try to pressurize the authorities through media reports, hoping to absolve themselves of any blame and to get the authorities to grant permission.

Such is the blatant arrogance of Sunburn, that according to some reports they have even applied last minute for the David Guetta show in Mumbai and Delhi also, after advertising extensively about it and after selling the tickets. In all probability the Mumbai and Delhi show venue and timings would also be affected

It seems that in 2017,some people still carry the mentality India is slave to the West and therefore they do not consider it necessary to obtain permissions from the Indian authorities.I am so glad that they have been proved wrong. 

It is the organizer's responsibility to ensure all permissions in time before publicizing and selling tickets for a show.Approaching authorities at the last minute demonstrates gross incompetence.

In order to escape the blame, a sinister plot appears to have been hatched to shift the blame onto the police and administration. 

Leading the barrage of unverified, sensational charges against Bengaluru were anchors like  Padmaja Joshi of Headlines Today. She linked this to the event of molestation on 31st December in Bengaluru (Which the police is already investigating) and started hosting lengthy discussions including entertaining calls from "viewers." 

Most channels were doing it. I only singled her out since I respect her and expected better journalism from her. Behaving like a chameleon, by changing her "righteous integrity" stand to "I am just a messenger, just doing my job, reporting both points of view" was rather lame.

Most news channels created hashtags immediately and the blitzkrieg against India's police, administration and "sick" mindset was set in motion. "What impression will the world get about India?", one of the anchors echoed mindlessly.

While they kept on ranting,  the police clarified that the organizer Sunburn never had permission in the first place.Immediately the producers of headlines today cut short the special show criticizing Bangaluru.

 Shailendra Singh of SUNBURN changed his aggressive stance. He started talking about how, like cricket, music is the soul of India and about how such things happen and why, no one should be held accountable.This was in direct contradiction to SUNBURN's official statement directly holding the "authorities" accountable, while appearing to be very patronizing towards them. 

On knowing the real truth when a citizen called and confronted Headlines Today T.V. anchor Padmaja Joshi as to why she was creating hype against the Bangaluru administration she muted him,  squeeled some opinion and the topic was changed. The tickers on times now and headlines today continued to blame Bangaluru(administration, police and people's mindset) for this whole ordeal.

In a very sly manner Sunburn squeezed itself from carrying the blame.After the police asked them to come for a joint press conference to clarify the matter , they quietly avoided going there altogether. 

Its truly shameful the extent most of our media chose to belittle the administration and police who work day and night for our safety. In fact they should have been praising the police for taking full precautions for the protection of their citizens which is their job. This time, the police appear to be doing their job. Its high time the media starts doing theirs.


As per World Economic Forum survey 2017, Indian Media is second least trusted institution in the world.
(Update: Wow, the link above has been removed.  So I am posting a new link : NEW LINK)

Or better still, here is the tweet from World Economic Forum 

No.The probable reason why the media chose to slam the Bengaluru Police appears obvious. The organizer Sunburn is an intellectual property of Percept Limited, which is a leading media, entertainment and communications company. Through its various sub divisions and verticals, it advises several leading public and private sector companies such as Airtel, DLF, Future Group, Panasonic, Cannon, Sahara etc. on where to advertise. T.V. channels must be probably lining up like beggars in front of Percept Limited. So "understandably" all media will sing whichever tune Sunburn wants them to play.


Besides probably wanting to save themselves from refunding the cost of tickets, they probably also wanted to save themselves the stupendous embarrassment worldwide, since David Guetta has an international appeal. 

It is a well known fact that articles published online are "echoed" (i.e. copied and pasted) blindly. So when Indian media started airing writing about the show based purely on the misleading statement by Sunburn, other foreign media such as BBC and Huffington Post took their version as the gospel truth and repeated the same lies.

One of the reasons I blog is so that the other version also remains somewhere on the internet, even if it will lay buried under millions of search results of lies.

I shudder to think how such shameless behavior on the part of the media adversely impacts the morale of the dedicated police and administration officials.

At least today, the people of Bengaluru and it's administration demonstrated that they will not succumb to media pressure, lies and heresay. They stuck to proper procedure and did not play to the gallery. In any other country this would have been appreciated by the Media.

Just like the media questioned the police, I have some questions for SUNBURN:

1. If they have sold tickets without police permission, are they ready to issue refund?

2. Will they issue public apology to the "authorities" , David Guetta and  the millions of his fans for their inability to secure a simple thing like police permission, before fixing and announcing the date ?

One of the sponsor for the Mumbai show is Kingfisher, one of the companies owned by Vijay Mallya, a super rich industrialist being investigated by Indian authorities and a loan defaulter, currently probably living in the U.K., after being on the run to probably avoid prosecution.



  1. Your Indian media appears to a slave to corporates. Its very unfortunate to see it criticizing its own law enforcement machinery

  2. It's sad to see the artists and the audience suffer at the hands of inefficient organizers. Indian companies are infamous for unprofessional attitude and lackadaisical approach. Shame on Sunburn!!Had a similar experience with one of their previous shows when I was in India

  3. I feel you @Paul. My friends in India told me about these Sunburn guys. It's a pity music and art difference to incompetent lying organizers Percept while the media took turns to portray Indian's as molesters. So sad really. Hope David Guerra picks some other organizers.

  4. I am a huge fan of David Guetta. ♥I feel its really sad that an unprofessional , fraud of company called SUNBURN did this to his fams