Saturday, 14 January 2017

Tanmay Bhat is being slowly resurrected - but by whom?

Its almost impossible to even imagine how much Tanmay Bhat and the likes of him are probably being paid by vested interests to slowly corrode away at India's social fabric.

One would have thought that after seeing the uproar in India at his having insulted our icons, he would refrain from , well, acting as a stooge of the rich, powerful and influential, who want to continue to use India as a use and throw item.

But such is his inherent motivation ($$$) that one is unable to even speculate how deep his pockets really are.

Consider this. After the Uri attack on India, when almost the entire nation was contemplating some pro active but measured response to Pakistan, Mr. Tanmay Bhat started ranting about the futility of war and promoting peace. Why could he not have preached the same to Pakistan? Click here for the link.

As if this were not enough he started a barrage of tweets against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 13th January 2017

Such inflammatory tweets are totally uncalled for and largely irresponsible. At first it appeared to me that Tanmay Bhat was simply an untalented person desparate for attention. Now it turns out, the reasons for his outrageous propaganda may not be so simple. It appears that his motivation is fuelled by vested commercial interests and the same hands which he uses to tweet inflammatory, falsehoods may be well greased after all. 

But then, who are these people who encourage entities like Tanmay Bhat? 

Well, a small example will demonstrate just how powerful they are and how most common Indian's don't stand a chance against their might.

A recently concluded event, the Vdonxt Asia Awards, gave All India Bhakchod (AIB of which Tanmay Bhat is founder member) the award for "Person of the Year - Content Creator). It was really surprising how the jury could not find any other Indian in this category. 

But then who was the jury? Read the list below and prepare to be blown away:

Ajay Kakar (Chief Marketing Officer Aditya Birla Group - Financial Services), 
Chandrasekar Radhakrishnan (Sr. VP & Head of Communications and eCommerce, Nestlé South Asia Region), 
Rahul Kansal, (Head Strategy and Marketing, Future Consumer), 
Satya Raghavan (Head of Entertainment YouTube), 
Siddharth Banerjee (Sr. VP Marketing, Vodafone).

Ok, so when such powerful large corporates support a mediocre level psycho , you have cause to worry. Now, lets see who sponsored the Vdonxt Asia Awards:

1. Adobe - I don't need to tell you about them
2.VIU - Powerful Hong Kong Based service 
3.Akamai Technologies - American content delivery network (CDN) and cloud services provider- 2013 revenue was 1.58 billion dollars
4. Voot - a video on-demand platform, part of Viacom 18 Digital Ventures
5. Ernst and Young
6. Unruly
7. Dropbox
8.Web Talkies - backed by Siddhi Vinayak Group
9.NDTV Prime - No surprises here
10.Content Asia
12. 24 Frames Digital 
13. Culture Machine -Got funding of 21.5 million USD from Tiger Capital, Zodius Capital and Times Internet.
14. 101 - launched by Cyrus Oshidar

With such huge backing, this menace of Tanmay Bhat is here to stay. Well so are we (without any backing) till we are knocked out by them.

In case you were wondering, why Arnab Goswami previously at Times Now was so supportive of Tanmay Bhat. Here is the link showing the love 💓 flowing between them in January 2017.


I have a feeling that by 2019, we will be face to face with his full blown avataar.


  1. He is one of the many designed to undermine Indian values. His recent letter to Sachin Tendulkar was so full of arrogance and not a single mention of an apology. His shows should be banned

  2. Tanmay Bhat's narrative is to undermine India's cultural values which keeps our social fabric immune from the constant barrage of irresponsible behaviour. His work is not just like cancer but HIV to India's socio cultural eco system

  3. Powerful Corporates secretly and constantly promoting Tanmay Bhat on the sly. Such a shame. They cant see so many struggling talented comedians

  4. Kapil Malhotra9 May 2017 at 05:01

    Tanmay bhat will resurface in full force by 2018 , just in time for India election 2019 to spread his poisonous "sattire" supported by "liberals" / "secular" media channels and corporates Mark my words

    1. Tanisha Mathur9 May 2017 at 05:06

      Yes corporate's sole aim is to destabilise Indian Governments . A weak central Government with hung parliament formed out of multiple coalition partners is their ultimate goal.Tanmay Bhat will also get funding from various foreign NGOs.

  5. I have heard of this guy Tanmay Bhat... simply despicalble , morbid and overrated crass humor which lacks even an attempt at intelligent humor. It is disappointing to see a person who tweets about children "enjoying"rape being hailed as creative. He is there to prove what depths humanity can sink to