Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Advice for Rahul Gandhi

I am a huge fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I am convinced that India needs his leadership for another 15 years if we are to be taken seriously as a country. BUTTTTTTT.....

I also want a healthy, responsible and mature opposition to keep checks and balances on the Government. This is extremely critical for India's Democratic health and well being. Why? Because my current Prime Minister is like this super efficient, super perfect development machine. A machine which works relentlessly for the betterment of the country at large, sometimes taking innovative or tough decisions, even if it means sacrificing or inconveniencing a few people. But machines too can make mistakes and need to be stopped or checked from time to time. 

Also, I sometimes feel that having someone as super perfect as Prime Minister, is like owning a BMW car, but having to drive it on an Indian village road (maybe Indian road itself would have sufficed) When you are doing so, you have to drive the car slowly and carefully. If you try to drive it a hyper speed, you will either damage the car, or the people on the road or both.

Its the Opposition which can serve as effective speed brakers. 

But the way the Congress is shooting itself in the foot, it is highly unlikely to retain its integrity as a National Party. 

So while all the armchair fake media advisers and consultants have written their obituaries and fake analysis of the Congress, let me put in a piece of advice from the common man's(Mango Man's) perspective:

1. Recognize the real reason for winning Punjab, Manipur and Goa:

You didn't win Punjab. It was handed to you on a platter by the SAD. Be assured that the BJP will be quick to study this and would have already started placing mechanisms and strategies in place to win the next round. 

People voted for you in Goa, because they were missing Parrikar. Yes , its true, swallow it humbly. The current outcome is exactly what the people wanted and the BJP was quick to hand it to them.

You didn't win Manipur, its more that the BJP is getting stronger in Manipur.

2.  Get a professional speech trainer already and Practice Practice Practice :

We all felt the pain of demonetization. But when we heard you criticize it, our sympathy turned more towards the Prime Minister. Please hire an expert speech trainer, who can train you to effectively communicate. People should want to hear you, even if you have nothing to say. (Shashi Tharoor in your party exudes that magnetism). Right now, in your case, we want to hear you speak, but when you do speak, we want you to stop speaking immediately. So many world leaders hire trainers and practice for hours or even days (Recent example - Hillary Clinton - Ok she lost, but she spoke really well.) 

3. Write articles about the current issues, both Global and National.

With your resources, you could have whole team of professional writers help you.People love reading counter opinions.

4. Make an annual plan of your agendas and post daily updates of what you did or are about to do during the day.

Share it on twitter, facebook. Make the content relevant and connect.

 You know I get regular emails from my Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi wishing me on so many occasions. Why can't you do it ? I know that it is someone from the Prime Minister's IT Cell who is wishing me, but it still makes me connect.

Why don't you create an opinion page, "Mission 2019" and ask for people's feedback? Ask people what they want more in 2019 which the current Government needs to provide.

5. Make the posts of your team more responsible 

So many members of your team post about things irrelevant and contrary to popular opinion. They come across as arrogant elites totally disconnected with the masses. They are thus alienating the public on a daily basis because no one is regulating their tweets and posts.

6. Offer more National Level Prominence to your other team members :

When Sachin Pilot and Jyotiraditya Scindia talk, people listen, particularly the youth. But one hardly sees them on National Television. Use your great assets. Delegate more responsibility to them. Mr. Digvijay Singh/Mani Shankar Aiyer may be  master strategists but their trust factor is low.Mr. Tiwari is very eloquent, but overused. Mr. Sanjay Jha, the less said the better. Mr Jha give the impression that the only reason he is appearing on TV for you is because you are paying him a hell of a lot of money. Mr. Sanjay Hegde appears like a person who is defending Congress even though he knows in his heart that he is wrong. Kapil Sibbal is also a big No No. He doesn't seem serious enough.

Generally , they all appear to be extra smart, cocky, staunch hardened loyalists who are ready to justify all the things done by your party, even if they are wrong.
Instead, the public needs to  get the impression that you are being unnecessarily hounded and victimized for no fault of yours. Search for and exploit India's immense talent. 

 Prop up some young fresh and sincere talent, preferably in 38-50 age group.Make them practice 1000 times before coming on TV . When they make a mess, they dig a huge pit in the chances of a Congress Comeback.

7. Acknowledge your mistakes in one or two T.V. interviews regarding the SCAMS:
Your scam ridden UPA 2 is like a Brahmastra for the BJP. When the scam issue is brought up, the voter thinks, o.k. I may not want to vote for BJP, but then voting for Congress would mean sending India into the depths of corruption. So better I vote for BJP and save my country.

Acknowledge that the SCAMs were wrong. Bring out a program "operation cleanup" to introduce clean governance rules and guidelines in your party and PUBLICIZE it so as to assure the people that a repeat of UPA 2 wont happen again.There is not a single Indian who doesn't forgive after a sincere apology.

Luckily, for you, the people don't hold you personally responsible for the SCAMS. They hold you (and Hon'ble Sonia Gandhi) responsible for lack of being able to control your team while all these SCAMs were going on.

Give well prepared Interviews. I am sure Karan Thapar and Rajdeep Sardesai will happily oblige.

8. Define your role correctly

You need to get out of the role by which your stooges define you - wipe the slate clean. Mani Shanker Aiyer in his recent article in NDTV,  once again cast you in the role of a cement glue which binds the Congress together. This myopic viewpoint appears to do nothing more than to  portray to the reader the following:

1. That the article was written only to appease the Gandhis
2. That the author thinks that Indians are stupid not to read between the lines.
3. That senior congress leaders are only more concerned with the Congress than with the future of India.

You need to silence these old timers -  no matter how great they contributions are and get out of the mold in which they seek to cast you into. These "worshippers" will only want to cast you into a statue, hoping that you would be God's incarnate and they the high priests. This doesn't work in 2017 and beyond. Look at Prime Minister Narender Modi, who's biggest USP is that he is reputed to listen to no one, have his own mind and opinion. People respected the albeit unpopular choice of Yogi Adityanath, just because it appeared that it was the Prime Minister's independent decision.

People would be more impressed if you simply tweeted to Mani Shanker Aiyer, not to over glorify the Gandhis and let the people of India make up their own mind.

I was writing the above points on the assumption that you WANT to be in politics. However, from whatever I have heard about and seen about you, You give the impression that you are wearing your post like the crown of thorns Jesus Christ was forced to wear and your duties of being the main opposition leader are like the cross Jesus Christ was forced to carry. It appears that you would be happiest without having to do all this , maybe go to the gym, hang out with friends, party etc. instead of having to do all this. 

Nothing wrong in that. I personally like your well built physique. But when you give people the above impression and then try to project yourself as someone who genuinely feels the people's pain and all serious about the future of India, it falls flat. 

Rahul Gandhi is set to inherit the top post of the indian national congress. Can he live upto such an immense responsibility? Is India's future tied in with his success or failure? Rottenmangoman.blogspot.in examines what the Congress scion needs to do
Rahul Gandhi - Magnetic Looks - But is it enough?

The magic of a good looking, fair , God like character who ignores the people generally, but comes on a bus or an SUV surrounded by gun toting security guards waving his hands and smiling , no longer works. It may even alienate some voters further. YOU NEED TO GET INTO ELECTION MODE RIGHT NOW PLEASE.

So, in case you do not want to play an active role in politics, modify your role into that of  the Party's head and conscience. Maintain strict control of your power and authority, but at the same time let other people in the Congress be the workhorse and leaders who will indulge in the politics. Narsimha Rao was a fantastic Prime Minister. Imagine if he was under your control. 

So either create a Prime Minister entity or shape up yourself into One.

It's only when you are truly aligned with what you are and what you want, people see it on a sub conscious level and accept it more readily. 

This is just an overall advice. Your team will still need to get into the nitty gritties of local issues during election mode. 


  1. Dont waste your time and energy. Pappu nahi sudhrega

  2. Hardik Chauhan9 May 2017 at 08:03

    He has crores stacked away. Do you really think he cares about Congress or India? Even Priyanka Gandhi's mother in law given VVVIP security for past 13 years costing almost Rs. 10 crores in taxpayer's money.

  3. Carolina Nolan13 May 2017 at 22:41

    The democrats lost to republicans in the US because of the same intellectual bankruptcy

  4. I think I liked him during Gujarat elections. @rottenmangoman i think @OfficeOfRg has finally taken your advice