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How Ravindra Gaikwad's Slapgate doomed the future of the Common flight passenger looks at how the slapgate incident involving ravindra gaikwad and an air india official has the potential to doom the future of India's airline passengers
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57 year old Ravindra Vishwanath Gaikwad, Member of Indian Parliament for Osmanabad (Maharashtra) constituency and who is from the Shiv Sena political party, has just added another feather to his cap.

He is the first passenger on whom a "No-Fly" ban has been imposed by all Indian Airlines companies (Spicejet, Jet Airways, Indian Airlines, Vistara, Indigo etc.)

He is said to have slapped state owned Air India's official several times and even attempted to push him off the plane - something which he self righteously  admitted on several television channels.

This act was immediately branded by fake media as V.I.P arrogance and Air India was portrayed as the victim, along with the other passengers whose flight was delayed on account of Mr. Gaikwad's temper tantrums.It couldn't get any better for the TRPs of the presstitutes. A bearded, arrogant sounding, unpolished Member of Parliament openly admitting to thrashing an official. Runs and reruns of the same confusing and unclear video was plastered across all television channels and the police and Indian airline industry too took no time in playing to the gallery.Police filed the FIR and the airlines imposed a No-fly ban on him- the usual acts of tokenism to placate the masses. The television anchors took their victory lap at one more incident of converting the Indian Democracy into a banana republic. Nothing is more blissful for the fake media, than the fact that their fake media trial has apparently claimed one more victim. Unbiased investigation and conventional judicial processes were once again buried deep under the shrill shrieks and loud barks of the dogs of mass communication. 

No one ever bothered to question the legal authority of the airlines to impose a No-Fly ban, which the airlines claim, it can impose on account of it's Civil Aviation Requirement. Incidentally it's these same C.A.R. which are being proposed to be modified to allow the same unruly MP to be able to fly again.

No one bothered to ask why no action on such stringent levels was taken against celebrity comedian Kapil Sharma for his drunken, unruly behavior and assault on a co-passenger on a flight a  few days earlier.

Thus, once the No Fly ban would be easily quashed by the Judicial process, it will render the entire episode to that of a soap opera, something that the Presstitutes feed on.

While Mr. Gaikwad's act was indeed condemnable, it has unfortunately had the side effect of doing further damage to the Indian Passenger.

Airlines staff , particularly India's state owned Air India are known to be rude and aloof. Since most of their time and energy is focused entirely on pleasuring the demands of India's politicians, bureaucrats, foreign nationals and other airline officials, they really don't care about the other passengers.

Press the bell for summoning the Air Hostess/flight attendant and no one will respond. Request for a  pillow,newspaper, water or a blanket and there is only a 10 - 20 % probability your request will be entertained.

If you wish to indulge yourself in further frustration, you may file a complain and see your complaint doing a merry go round with no action taken.

Flight attendants are often seen busy talking or joking with each other. They cheekily smile and shoot down any request or concern from you, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing you can do about it. 

"Whom will you complain to ?" a flight attendant once asked me, "the same government official who we pamper ?"

The ordinary Indian passenger can also forget about front row seats, the only ones with the leg room. These are exclusively reserved for foreigners, airlines staff and Government officials and ministers.

So effectively, the act of Mr. Gaikwad has done nothing more that empowering this bunch of lazy, arrogant and lackadaisical company officials which bleeds the Indian tax payer's money and is immune to reforms related to serving the people of India. The airlines would be silently thanking him in their prayers.

Its not the the other private carriers are immune from this. In fact the only glimmer of hope in the Indian Aviation Industry in terms of customer satisfaction was Kingfisher Airlines, which however met an unfortunate ending. If at all there was an airlines with customer service ethics, it was Kingfisher. The other airlines would have done well to imbibe their customer service ethos.

This incidence is far from over. However, one has to be mindful of its repercussions. 

On the positive side, a senior Minister seems to have had his "wings clipped" due to his unruly behavior.

On the downside, through the ability to randomly ban individuals from flying, the already slack, careless, lazy, lax, unenthusiastic, half-hearted, uninterested, lukewarm, indifferent, uncaring, unconcerned, casual, blasé, insouciant, Indian Aviation Industry has just been handed over one more tool and justification to further harass the common Indian passenger.

While many lamented and wondered what kind of treatment would have been meted out to a Common Man had he assaulted an official aboard an aircraft, rest assured, after this incident, it would be far far worse than it is currently proposed. Imagine landing yourself into the "No-fly" list just for getting into an argument with an airline staff. Well, it may soon become a reality. 

Rest assured, the No-fly ban would be shortly revoked to allow the same MP to fly again.Who knows, the rules may even be tweaked to allow exemption to MP's and V.I.P's and even stricter action against common man who is neither a politician or celebrity.So while you vent through tweeting or posting to the fake media propaganda, remember that even the same fake media are part of the celebrity list against whom no action is taken.

The T.V. channels would have made sufficient ad revenue by milking this story and you, the looser common man would have lost his time, his energy and would be in a far worse situation than you previously were, in terms of flight rules and regulations.

Things would have been so much better if the media and the aviation industry would have allowed the law and procedures to follow their own course.

Ultimately, the whole episode will only serve one purpose. It brings India a step closer to being converted into both, a giant abattoir and a shed, where the hard working common man/woman is milked while he/she is fit and later slaughtered.


1.While Ravindra Gaikwad has also launched a counter FIR, Shiv Sena MPs have approached the Speaker of Lok Sabha  as well as the Minister of State for Civil aviation to get them to lift the no fly ban on him. It seems its only a matter of time before the ban is lifted, rules are modified to exempt MPs from airline bans, which leaves the provision of bans only for lesser known common man. 

2. As expected the government has ordered the revocation of the "no-fly" ban on Gaikwad. He can now fly on Air India.A sly red faced spineless Government put tried trivializing the issue. The Fake media is gradually trying to ween itself off this story.

3. Another Rajya Member of Parliament, Dola Sen of Trinamool Congress through a tantrum on an Air India Flight and delayed it for more than 30 minutes, for not allowing her wheel chaired mother to sit near the emergency exit . Only physically fit passengers are allowed to sit there as per global norms. The pilot finally had to relent and allow her to sit there, thereby risking the safety and security of all the other passengers as well. 

4. Elsewhere, a United Airlines ordinary passenger who had paid for his ticket was forcefully dragged out of his seat because the airlines had overbooked the tickets. He was injured and bleeding as well. He lost 2 front teeth and had a broken nose . 

A perfect symphony between the powerful corporates and authorities. They continue to massacre the common man while pretending to care about promoting humane and social causes.



  1. You are right. Only aam admi will be penalized with even stricter punishment. Vvip will go scott free. Suppose If common man named Rafiq Khan had done this he would have been in jail and be investigated by ED and NIA for "anti national" activity

  2. Rottenmangoman predicted correctly. Ravindra Gaikwad of Shiv Sena (NDA Alliance)can now fly air india with impunity. Media has conveniently forgotten about this and Common Man is suffering as usual. Latest Example is rude pilot of Jet Airways and passengers missing SpiceJet flight. #AamAadmiMartaHai

  3. Now you people realise how Kingfisher was best airline.But successive Governments and shrewd bankers shut it down. Ab bhugto sab ke sab

  4. Thanks for the heads up man. I will be more careful when taking Indian flights

  5. Omigod @rottenmangoman you were absolutely right!!!. The latest report of the Parliamentary Committee indicting #Indigo and other airlines for the #AirlineLootExposed proves your blog written 6 months ago.

    1. Govenrment is hand in glove with airline sector. We should boycott air travel for at least a year