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Arnab Goswami is said to be a mature, soft spoken person. But the minute his show starts, he appears to morph into someone else. The blog below is a personal commentary on the show and performance of Arnab Goswami as a new anchor, i.e. his work . It offers no opinion or comments on Arnab Goswami as a person.
In the garb of a news anchor he appeared to have reduced himself to nothing more than a glorified Twitter troll seeking to earn retweets and likes in order to prove the popularity of his show to his sponsors.

Arnab Ranjan Goswami's journey in journalism from the streets of Kolkata to the plush state of the art studio in Mumbai's Lower parel is noteworthy, if only to see how one can craft a successful career by portraying a persona completely contradictory to reality.

From his so called humble beginnings, he is now managing director and cofounder of Republic TV, a global media venture.The channel is launched by ARG Outlier Media, ARG probably being for Arnab Ranjan Goswami.

Lets try to understand the areas where what Arnab Goswami portrays on his show, actually matches upto the information available about him:

1. He seeks to portray himself as an expert in various fields - even more expert than the expert panelists on his previous Newshour debates. 

Arnab has a bachelor's degree in sociology and a master's degree in social anthropology.

Sociology = the study of development, structure and functioning of human society

Social Anthropology = the branch of anthropology concerned with the study of  of human societies and cultures and their development.

There is no record of Arnab having any degress in courses related to journalism (although sociology is one aspect of it) economics, politics or psychology.

Yet it appeared on his show that Arnab was apparently shouting his "expert" opinion down the throats of experts and experiences officials, ambassadors of countries, lawyers, environmentalists, chartered accountants, seasoned scholars and politicians.By repeatedly questioning their credibility, he is responsible for denting the careers of several genuine experts in the industry.

For Mr. Goswami's help, here is the link for fields which need to be studied for journalism. After having studied them, he should have invited competitive experts in various fields such as finance, politics, history, environment etc and let THEM speak.

In promos of his NewHour debate he would tell the viewers what journalism really is, without apparently having ever bothered to study the subject.

2. He appears to criticize politicians most often and distances himself from any political affiliation or influence.

I find it difficult to believe that Arnab Goswami has no political influence. As per wikipedia, his father Manoranjan Goswami was a Colonel(Retd) and also a member of the Bhartiya Janata Party.

His maternal uncle Siddhartha Bhattacharya a BJP MLA from Guahati East Constituency was the head of the Assam unit of the party. So Mr. Goswami has had close affiliations with politicians.

His new venture has reportedly gotten a funding of Rs. 30 crore from Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Rajya Sabha Member and vice chairman of National Democratic Alliance (BJP and allies)

In fact, in the months before leaving Times Now, Arnab had in my opinion blatantly reduced himself to the role of a rottweiler for the current dispensation. While I also endorse the current Government, privately, it is definitely unbecoming of a news anchor to try to portray oneself as unbiased and yet brazenly defend every act of the Government.While Arnab vociferously criticizes the "Lutyen's media", (and rightly so), his meek and subservient mannerisms in front of the current dispensation's spokespersons have ironically transformed him into the same ilk of stenographer type of hypocritical journalists. 

3. He regularly appears to portray the fact the he too is a sufferer at the hands of the VVIP system.

Mr. Goswami has availed Y category security for himself - a security detail which includes round the clock protection from 20 security guards costing almost Rs. 50 lakh of tax payer's money annually. It is said the Arnab earns in crores. So the least he could have done was to volunteer to pay for it.

It is also unclear why his investments are divided. Look at the figures below:

Paid up capital of ARG Outlier Media Private Limited = Rs. 25,77,250/-
 This looks like a modest humble company of Republic TV, with only Rs. 26 lakh approximate.But,

Paid up capital of SARG Media Holding Private Limited = Rs.42,30,000/-
(likely Samyabrata Arnab Ranjan Goswami). This company, has paid up capital of Rs. 42.30 crores !!

Both companies have the same office address and email id listed. A plausible explanation for the above would be helpful.

4. He appears to pretend that his show is to bring about change in society regarding concerns of the common man.

While portraying to run a campaign in the interest of the "common man" his debate would often be focused on the Twitter hashtag he was trying to promote and how many tweets would endorse it. In short in the garb of a news anchor he reduced himself to nothing more than a glorified Twitter troll seeking to earn retweets and likes in order to prove the popularity of his show to his sponsors.

The former high-ranking editor, who worked closely with Goswami for years, said, “You’re dealing with an individual who is deeply complex, unstable, and absolutely vindictive. A brute of a human being. A complete philistine. -Read more about it here to know more about Arnab Goswami's style of working.

After watching the Newshour show conducted by him and learning more about him through various articles, I feel his anchoring skills are nothing more than that of a desperate marketing man, tainting facts and opinions for the sake of TRPs and advertising revenues. 

5. He doesn't really appear to totally stand for freedom of expression.

Rajeev Chandrashekar who has provided significant funding to Arnab Goswami's Republic TV has gotten an article by Sandeep Bhushan in taken down along with reader comments titled "Arnab's Republic, Modi's Ideology",through an ex-parte order of temporary injunction in respect of an interlocutory application filed by him before the Hon'ble City Civil Court at Bangaluru restraining the website from providing access to it's contents. Here is the link 

It would have been such a joy to see Arnab Goswamy asking the toughest of questions to the leaders of today - joy, because, according to me, the current leadership is extremely competent and it's extremely difficult to corner them. And so, a real debate comprising of witty and tough questions with the tough Arnab style and the equally crisp and factually backed responses from some like say, Arun Jaitley or Subramaniam Swamy or Nitin Gadkary or even the hon'ble PM, would have made the day of any television viewer. But that seems like a withered dream. One can only hope and wait for Arnab to return to his original form and once again become the Outlier among the average conformists.

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  1. His show is so shallow and hollow. It lacks integrity. Arnab Goswami only appears to pretend to be knowledgeable,concerned about common man and patriotic but the people can see through the hyper antics and shouting. Real patriots dont go about self certifying themselves and patriotism is not demonstrated by shouting loud in studios

  2. One has to admit that Arnab Goswami's pathetic high volume theatrics and melodrama on the show succesfully drowned the mediocrity of his arguments.Plus the hypnotic repetitive flames and flashing blinkers on the screen provided the apt background to the circus he had put on display trying to be the ringmaster.

  3. Shame on all of you. His show is an inpiration to everyone as to how a mediocre narcissistic journalist can scream and shout his way to success!!!

  4. Arnab Goswami's style of news anchoring is total waste of time and mental energy similar to watching a streetfight. There is no value additition to anyone's life. It is similar to the role of a drain inspector who can only see muck and negativity in everything

  5. The show of Arnab Goswami is nothing more than a mudslinging muck slinging match. Like a poor contrived version of wrestle mania

  6. What is unfortunate is that sometimes even Government takes action based on the unsubstantiated allegations made by Arnab Goswami in his pathetic show just to stop his rantings and later discover that allegations were baseless. Defamation should be filed

  7. Good riddance to him. India will have to suffer his geriatrics and verbal diarrhoea again in #rebublic

  8. I find Arnab Goswami most unbearable to watch. I love BJP but given the fact that one of their MPs has given 30 crore to plaster Arnab Goswami onto our TV screens I hate them for it. Why are they not confident on their own? Everybody knows media is fake. BJP doesn't realise that they were already climbing up the popularity ladder and Times Group with Goswami simply latched onto their success!! If at all he is their paid alsation, they should train him to bark less and bite more.

  9. Arnab Goswami's election analysis was the worst.Specially since he never let the analysts speak

  10. The betrayal of the people's trust is most hurtful. Arnab Goswami in his show appears to pretend to be sincere while all the while it may all be about TRP and ad revenues. Also by shouting down some wrongdoers he actually gives them an opportunity to escape from having to explain their faults. Media should have mechanisms to reign in such hooliganistic behavior

  11. Anjana Om Kashyap also appears to have become clone of Arnab Goswami. Headlines today should realize that the viewers prefer unbiased journalists, given a choice and not vainglorious narcissistic kangaroo court conductors

  12. Pakistan please surrender Kashmir so we wont have to watch Arnab Goswami's show anymore

  13. If Arnab ever hopes for Republic TV to compete with BBC and CNN he must raise his program standards to their level. For the moment thats a lot of catching up to do and may be expecting too much from him

    1. @Karl Yes I agree, his sponsors Microsoft and others will be sorely disappointed when public is able to see through this Republic TV programs are all gas and hype

    2. Praneet Shrivastava9 May 2017 at 05:42

      @Karl you are right. Even in his new Republic TV , his so called exposes are either old news or inconsitent snippets of random data leaving too much to conjecture and speculation. How long will this hype continue to attract sponsors or viewers I wonder. Maybe Arnab thinks the people of this Nation and sponsors are stupid. ( or maybe they are)

  14. Avdhesh mathur9 May 2017 at 20:49

    It seems that out of tens of crores of funding for his channel Arnub Goswami has spent only 1 crore since his Republic TV airs only 1 to 2 stories maximum per day and that too the ones provided to him by BJP. What a sad example of journalism. Also if he knew about some so called "conspiracy" regarding Sunanda murder case, why he didn't resign and raise his voice when the case was fresh? Why is he barking now? I dont know about morally but he is intellectually bankrupt for sure.