Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Arnab Goswami 's Republic TV turning out to be a damp squib?

Image showing Screen Grab of Republic TV News Channel of ARG Outlier Media Private Limited of which Arnab Goswami is Managing Director in this article of on the quality of programs featured on the newly launched channel
Screen Grab of Republic TV news channel India
​The following blog is a personal opinion on Arnab Goswami's Republic TV channel and the general impression it is creating of programs it has been broadcasting.It is not any commentary on Arnab Goswami as a person.

Has Arnab gone for overkill and shot himself in the foot ?

Day 1

Republic TV launched on the 6th of May 2017. 
On that day I watched the channel hoping that Arnab Goswami would be appearing in a new avataar. Hoping that now that he was the owner of his own channel that there would be some maturity, some fresh approach , some pathbreaking way of presenting the news , which he himself was promoting in the teasers since past few months.
But that was not to be. Instead of a 360 degree professional coverage ,  all I got was a bunch of amateurs presenting a "breaking scam" of a taped conversation between politician Laloo Prasad Yadav and alleged gangster Shahabuddin.
Apart from the fact that it was morally inappropriate for a politician to be taking the call  of an alleged gangster 
there was hardly any piece of any damning evidence . It was a series of conjectures based on some random conversations between shahabuddin and his own henchman. Something that in all likelihood was handed down to Arnab by the BJP. Not once does Laloo say or imply anything incriminating or shocking. 

Further as per Arnab's own admission the audio recordings were from 2015. He conveniently overlooks the reason why  he chose to sit on those recordings for 2 years and released them only on the launch of his channel.

These so called revelations were also conveniently timed to coincide with Supreme Court hearing of Laloo's trial proceedings in the coming days.

The media (and probably the rest of the planet) naturally chose to ignore Arnab's verdict on his unsubstantiated allegations. It was a sorry and pathetic site as reporters of Republic TV stood alone outside houses of various politicians. No one wanted to be part of this weak peace of so called investigative journalism. 

For old times sake Ravi Shankar Prasad gave a press conference and came on his channel for an interview. Amit Shah issued a one liner and some old friends like Mahesh Jethmalani and Abha Singh donned the role of panellists agreeing with everything Judge Arnab declared while slouching forward and slouching his left shoulder all the time .

Day 2

This was equally unremarkable as Republic TV claimed damning evidence against Kejriwal. This time it turned out to be nothing more than papers from Income Tax Department where they allege irregularities against Satyender Jain. Once again it appeared to a bunch of allegations handed down to him from BJP.

Once again it showed no real investigative journalism but a token gift by the Government in power . A bone given to the rottweiler to keep it busy and satisfied. 

Once again it begged the question that if the evidence against Jain is so damning as claimed by Arnab then why hasn't Jain been arrested or prosecuted? 

Day 3

Republic TV through their Prema Sridevi "broke" the news of audio tapes claiming to prove that Sashi Tharoor had lied while deposing to the police regarding the murder(?) of his wife Sunanda Pushkar. 

It turned out that Prema may have already provided these to the police several years ago and Arnab new about them for a long time. 

This again begs the question that if Arnab knew about some new clinching evidence against Tharoor then why did he not inform the public and police for so many years? If he had informed someone then why isnt Shashi Tharoor in Jail? 

The answers are obvious as they are sadenning. 1. Arnab did not present any new evidence 
2. Arnab and his new team never had any new incriminating solid evidence against anyone. 
3. The authorities have not arrested Satyendar Jain nor Shashi Tharoor because they proceed on a scientific methodology of gathering evidence and will not go about arresting people because Arnab says so. (Thank God)

Update : On 26th May 2017 Shashi Tharoor files civil defamation suit against Arnab Goswami and news channel Republic TV in Delhi High Court for maligning his public life and public image. He claimed damages and compensation of Rs. 2 Crores.So now, like fake media, I should claim this as a Rottenmangoman impact!! Below are some of Shashi Tharoor's tweets regarding this.
But then, this sort of publicity is exactly what the Channel may have wanted in the first place.

Day 4

On this day Arnab and his team appeared to have crossed all frontiers of absurdities. They claimed to have penetrated the Laskhar E Toiba or some related terrorist cell! How did they do that? By sitting in an air conditioned studio in Mumbai they sent some messages "Salaam Wale Kum" (Greetings) on a Facebook page believed(by them) to be of the organization. They then joined a whatsapp group and went about contacting others on that group. This clearly establishes nothing. Any teenager with a mobile phone could have done it. 

What was most unfortunate to observe that Arnab seems even more intoxicated in his strange world vision where hard work and truth are subservient to false propoganda.
 From his days at Times Now, he appears to believe that if one keeps on repeating a half baked mudslinging story (full of conjecture and short on facts) then it will "force" a reaction leading to either an investigation or token action by the Government for which he would then claim credit. 

He doesn't realise that by now the people know the chain of events of his works 

Catch a celebrity -Collect some peacemeal documents from Government/sources which are at best conjecture - Call panellists to support the conjectures - Keep repeating the same thing everyday till something happens. Then claim credit for that happening even if it had to happen in the first place!!

After watching Republic TV , I realised that Arnab is trapped in his alternate reality and that nothing can bring him back. 

The one thing the viewer must be cautious of is getting sucked into this apparent Arnab's reality of a cynical,  TRP based world view. This is the reason I write this blog to at least cleanse my mind from his onslaught of half baked information, topped with the sour cream of sensationalism  

It is best not to watch him and to leave Arnab alone, sitting in his studio, with his stooges, shouting and blabering, "setting the agenda" for a day in his  dreamworld. 

In order to keep the sponsors happy and funds flowing freely it will not be long before he declares that Republic TV is number one channel in the whole universe. 


1.Complaint against Arnab Goswami

Bennett Coleman and Company Limited(BCCL) has lodged a complaint with Mumbai Police against Arnab Goswami and Prema Sridevi of Republic TV on grounds of theft, criminal breach of trust, misappropriation of property and infringement of intellectual property rights of the BCCL owned Times Now channel under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act of 2000, specifically for playing audio tapes related to Sunanda Pushkar and Laloo Prasad Yadav procured by them as employees of Times Now.

2. Complaint against Republic TV by National Broadcasters Association and pullout from BARC

According to reports (1)(2)(3)(4) leading Engilsh News Channels such as Times Now, NDTV, India Today (Headlines Today) and NewsX (affiliated to the News Broadcaster's Association) have "switched off" Broadcasting Audience Research Council (BARC) for 4 weeks after it showed that Arnab Goswami's Republic TV  was the most watched channel in the English News Category in India. According to BARC data, for the week to 12 may, Republic T.V. had 2.11 million impressions(also known as television viewership in thousands - TVT, refers to  number of individuals in thousands of target audience who viewed an event, averaged across minutes), 84.4% higher than that of Times Now, which was the top English channel for the first 18 weeks of 2017.

The NBA has earlier asked the  Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) to take action against Republic TV for alleged unethical distribution practices by allegedly registering with various cable distribution platforms multiple times under different genres, in violation of Trai interconnection regulations.
Despite the NBA asking BARC to withhold viewership data of Republic TV until the channel stopped this malpractice,BARC released this data, prompting several English Channels from pulling out of BARC.
In a letter, NBA told Barc that it had “gone ahead and released the inflated and corrupt data for Republic TV as of this morning. This has serious implications and has caused irreversible damage to India’s existing English news TV Channels.” 
This is the disputed data between 6 May and 12 May :
Times Now : 1.14 million impressions
NDTV 24x7 : 0.35 million impressions
Republic T.V. : 2.11 million impressions


  1. Partha Azgaonkar10 May 2017 at 20:55

    The only thing going for Arnab Goswami is his political patronage. That too will soon diminish once his unprofessional method of conducting programmes on Republic TV and India no longer wants to know his mysoginistic hypocritical opinions

    1. Sheeshaa Tharoor21 March 2018 at 19:45

      Instead of Republic TV he should have named it RSS TV

  2. Some anchors of other news channels like nidhi razdan and zaka jacob have taken cue and are breaking away from the shouting matches WWE of Arnab Goswami. Its refreshing change!!!

  3. Sanyukta Palit10 May 2017 at 23:58

    @Manish , Indian anchors appear to be trying to improve but many of the panellists spoilt by Arnab style of fishmarket shouting still indulge in unruly behaviour. I think Indian anchors need to be strict like Karan Thapar who simply mutes the volume of those who speak out of turn. It's high time Indians learn the meaning of a civilized debate although people like Arnab Goswami push India back to the 18th century.

    1. Kalki Mujumdar11 May 2017 at 00:47

      @Sanyukta , BJP and his sponsors are to be blamed more for sustaining this style of journalism. This averseness to entertain a contrarian point of view will suffocate democracy. I support BJP as a party but can't understand their obsession with Arnab Goswami ,don't they know that the viewer can see through his rhetoric and is cynical about the half baked stories he "breaks" ?

    2. Robaart Vaadrraa11 May 2017 at 02:34

      LOL Arnab Godwami's bundled together a bunch of bungling amateurs. Is this guy even serious or for real? Total sham and Jhumla

  4. Arnab Goswami in his show is a professional troll who surpasses all decency and definitely a role model for self obsessed opportunistic maglomaniacs

  5. Rottenmangoman you have rightly described Arnab Goswami's campaign of relentless muck slinging in the hope that something sticks and he gets YES. But nation has now become intelligent to his opportunistic shallow form of journalism

  6. Amandeep Saigal30 May 2017 at 07:08

    This Arnab Goswami is once again reducing the standard of journalism in other TV channels. Headline Today gave program of "cracking ISIS code" so called exclusive newsbreak by running 1 year old news items. TV channels should quit sensationalism and focus on rich and deep content

  7. Swapniel Swaminathan22 November 2017 at 07:21

    I have watched this Arnab show. Its a joke and prime example of faking news. #FactsFirst

  8. It should be called BANANA R.EPUBLIC

  9. Ashvini Brahmbhatt14 January 2018 at 00:19

    Arnab Goswami is a sly , slimy , manipulative , snake who has somehow wrongly convinced his sponsors through Fake Twitter handles that people watch his Fake show on Republic TV