Saturday, 20 May 2017

Be Smart when buying a Smart Phone

The reality of buying a smart mobile phone 

The smart mobile phone is an indispensable part of our lives. Every year, new mobile phones flood the market with new features ranging from the operating system to the hardware, the cameras and even security features. The reasons for buying range from having a status symbol to functionality(battery life, speed) to preventing yourself from being classified as an extinct species. has classified the best smartphones of 2017 as follows :
  • Apple iPhone 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy Note 8
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Xiaomi Mi6 & Mi Mix 2
  • LG G6
  • HTC U11
  • OnePlus 5
  • Nokia 8
  • Sony Xperia XZ Premium

These are high end smart phones . But whether you buy high end phones or mid segment phones or even those which are "affordable" , never mind their limited processor speeds or low res cameras, there are a few things which one must never forget :

A. Whatever phone you buy, it will get outdated ultimately and thanks to the rapid developments in technology, it will be sooner rather than later.

B. You will like and get attached to your phone. Maybe because it contains the photographs and videos of your loved ones, maybe because it "landed" you your first date or first job or a new project. Your brain will get addicted to it 

C. Your phone can get damaged. Yes!!, even the costlier ones are not invincible and yes, even though you invested in "protective coverings"

D.When you buy your phone is now becoming as important as which phone you but. If you are paying by credit card on EMI, take special care to ensure that it is not close to the date of your billing cycle. Suppose you buy a smartphone for Rs. 30000/- and convert into EMI of Rs. 1000/- per month for 30 months. It will take some time before the EMI is processed. (8-10 working days) So you may be shocked that your bank is sending you the bill for Rs. 30000/- instead of Rs. 1000/-. 

Secondly at the shop, google the price of every model your vendor is telling you. Sometimes some mobile phone companies fool the customer by launching a 2017 model with some minor changes in specifications as compared to the 2016 model which would be available at half price. [Example Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) costs approximately Rs. 16000/- but Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) costs Rs. 33000/- . The main difference are really not game changing enough to double the price ]

E. When things do go wrong with your phone, (yes it is possible) , you will need to visit their service center. No, not the place you brought the phone from , not the sales center where the salesperson gave you his full undivided attention and promised you the moon, but the service center.

Where the F is that you will ask. Most likely it is not located anywhere near your house and most likely it is located in an area with traffic congestion and no car parking space. This service center will have several customers just like you who are waiting there turn to have their mobile handsets repaired.So you must wait your turn. Thankfully most service centers have decent waiting areas. Probably because you do have to "wait" for your turn for anywhere between 20 minutes to 60 minutes. So be prepared. 

1.Before going to my service center, I had a hearty meal.
2. I took a cab, and rightly so since there was no parking space.
3. I took a bottle of water and a half day off from work.

So it was pretty comfortable waiting there. But wait, you need to be aware, that as in most places in India (with the exclusion of 7 star hotels) the toilets are well, not exactly in any decent condition.Here is a sample.
4.So its a pretty good idea to relieve yourself properly before starting off. 

5. Now comes the issue of actual repairs. The first shocker could be the cost. If it's too much, you may be advised to buy a new mobile phone. If you are lucky, proceed to step 6 below.

6.The second thing to be prepared for is loss of your data. Yeah, the same data you never backed up and never believed could ever be touched. The issue is even more sensitive, since you need to decide on whether you want to give the repair guys your pin/ pattern lock or do you want to just have the whole mobile re formatted It's a painful choice, something you never imagined you will be having to make at the time of purchasing the mobile phone.

7. The third thing is that if the repairs take time then you need to come back again to collect your mobile phone so be prepared to repeat steps 1 to 4.

So there, next time do prepare yourself well while buying a phone and remember to back up your data on a fairly regular basis.It's not just about owning a phone, its also about having to take care of it responsibly and learning to let go of it, after it has lived out its utility after a relatively short period of time.The same smartphone which elicited oohs and aahs initially will trigger sneers when people see you using it after a short period of time. 


  1. Wish they had service centres and sales centres in the same shop. I envied my friend who had purchased a lower costing smartphone with more features only a year after I had purchased a high end costly smartphone. Wish I had read this earlier

  2. I can really relate to this. At the time of buying the phone, the sales guyz are so sweet and attentive. Later, when my phone got damaged, they act like they don't even know you and want to get rid of you very very quickly. The visit to my Samsung service center was time consuming and hectic.

  3. Akanksha Deshmukh20 May 2017 at 22:43

    Even though my mobile smartphone has "autobackup" it only works when connected to charger for 1 hour and has wifi connection. From now on I will take regular manual backup and delete personal photos/info. I also took Airtel smart Mobile Phone Insurance. It's not very expensive and hopefully will be helpful.

  4. Mobiles are getting cheaper and better. That's good