Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Manchester Arena Attack - 11 things rather odd

Manchester Arena Attack – Are we letting terrorists kill us at the time of their choosing?

At the very onset I would like to clarify 3 things.
(1) I condemn the ghastly attack on innocent people specially children.
(2) The Manchester Arena attack is just one of the many attacks where I am surprised at how Governments act or react. 
(3) I respect all religions which promote peace, harmony, progress, tolerance and mutual respect and inspire their followers to do so.

So through this one attack I am questioning the general inaction and the bizarre reactions of most Governments the world over “combating” terrorism.What was most disappointing for me was the fact that this could happen in the United Kingdom. I mean if this was in some country like Afghanistan or Iraq, where you cant tell a terrorist from a fruit vendor, then those Government's oversights could probably be understood. This blog has been written to express my sheer frustration and disgust and believe me it only pains me to write this piece.

The latest bomb attack in Manchester Arena (it is said the explosion took place “outside the Venue in a public place”) where Ariana Grande was performing and where 22 have been reported to be killed (mostly youngsters) is outrageous as it is shocking.

  Apart from the odd co-relation that a 22 year old, killed 22 people on 22nd May at 22.33, here are some of the things which are shocking me till my eyeballs pop:

1.    People visiting the arena claimed there were inadequate security checks, specially from Victoria station to the surprising extent that even metal detectors were not deployed.

2.    The attack was allegedly carried out by a 22 year old (Salman Ramadan Abedi)- police have named him as a suspect- although (cough) the coroner hasn't yet identified his body.

3.    Abedi it seems had no problems bringing in  a bomb IED packed with nuts and bolts.

4.    Abedi, could do all of this when the security status of United Kingdom was already declared as “severe” .It’s now been declared as “critical” – whatever that means.

5.    Actually they say “critical” means that soldiers will be deployed in several locations. One media house clarified “several locations” to mean “The military will guard key sites including Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, embassies and the Palace of Westminster.” I could not find any public places frequented by Commoners listed anywhere, but I will assume that there must  surely be extra security for other events and concerts in the future.  But wait,  so you mean to tell me that the army plans to shoot down a person who is already on a deathwish AFTER he detonates a bomb killing many  including himself. Or maybe they plan to shoot him down AFTER he has run a truck over 10 to 20 people in a public place. It must make sense to the Government on some strange manner.

6.    Back to Abedi, they say he was “known to the authorities” and visited Libya regularly  (a country known for ISIS influence).He was also a University dropout.In fact he had just returned from there recently. So is there anybody in the intelligence agencies using their intelligence?? While so many of us are strip searched and questioned, it seems that the actual terrorists can go, receive professional terrorist training and return- a walk in the park thank you very much.

Update #1: 
  According to unconfirmed reports "Members of the Bomber's Family had WARNED security officials about him in the past - that he was 'dangerous' 

   A senior U.K. official call this leak "irritating."
  But even as she did, her French counterpart, said "Abedi may have also gone to Syria and had 'proven' links with the Islamic State."

  Now it seems terrorism was their family business. Salman Abedi's father and 2 brothers have also been arrested on suspected links to ISIS and Al Qaeda!! - talk about sleeping on the job. Salman's brother Hashim Abedi was arrested in Tripoli by Libyan Counter Terrorism force RADA on suspicion of planning to launch a new attack in Tripoli. The father, Ramadan Abedi was member of LIFG - (Libyan Islamist Fighting Group) - linked to Al Qaeda. He belonged to the Salafi Jihadi movement, the most extreme sect of Salafism and from which members of Al Qaeda and IS group originate.

  Now it's reported that the whole Whalley Range area of South Manchester is/was infested with former LIFG members. An Alumni of Terrorists.Besides the Abedis, other renowned alumni include Abd-Al-Baset- Azzouz, an expert bomb maker who left Manchester to head a terrorist network in Libya in collaboration with Osama Bin Laden's successor Ayman-Al-Zawahiri. 

  So why are such people bred by the administration? Is it so that they provide convenient targets to arrest when a bombing takes place ? It is said that because LIFG was fighting Libyan leader Gaddafi, the United Kingdom gave refuge to the LIFG terrorists. (They were marketed and branded as "Refugees" to make them acceptable). 

  Here is what Gaddafi warned in 2011 - "The Jihadists want to control the Mediterranean, and then they will attack Europe” ~ Muammar Gaddafi, February 2011

7.    ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack online. Wait , so you are telling me , a wanted terrorist organisation which the most powerful countries are hunting and destroying with sophisticated technology costing billions of dollars has the ability to talk to us and claim credit? Please don't tell me they (ISIS)told us this over a cup of tea.

8.    Some top world leaders described the attack as “callous” and coined a new word “Losers” for the attackers. So does doing this shame the attackers into surrendering?

9.    A senior official of a very powerful intelligence agency joined the name calling club and called the attack “disgusting” ,hoping that at least this word may deter further attacks and divert the attention away from him.

10.   Abedi also regularly visited a mosque(Didsbury Mosque) which was alleged to have raised funds for Jihadis. His family also allegedly raised an Iraqi or Libyan flag outside of their home. Are the intelligence agencies familiar with the word “profiling” ? 
"Well you can't arrest everyone you suspect" is the standard mantra. But then is it too much to ask if you could probably PREVENT a dropout, frequenting areas sympathetic to ISIS who is showing rather odd behavior patterns or do you still want to single out innocent travelers at airports and let the terrorists go scott free ? I am sure any Government will be able to trace all my whereabouts for the last 10 years and probably knows my favorite restaurants and EVEN restaurant dishes, but it seems as lost as an innocent baby regarding the perpetrator of a terrorist act. People sometimes receive a tax default notice of the amount of 1 $, but the Government can't figure out where terrorists manage to arrange for thousands of dollars to organize bombings and mobilize suicide bombers. WOW.

11.   After all this many people are still worried whether Arianna Grande with conduct her next concert at the O2 Arena – Unreal.

Here is news of 60 children being killed but largely ignored by media: LINK . 

Conclusion :

Frankly as a planet we need to do something drastic to prevent such horrors from happening. With the current “business as usual” approach we may find that such a terror attack is the new normal (we seem to be already heading towards that ). 

A new cozy club appears to have been formed between the Government Agencies and the Terrorists -" I get to blast a few people - you get to arrest a few people.  - Media milks issue, makes money, people get distracted from real issues, repeat."

Every time such a carnage occurs , this standard operating procedure of sympathetic political statements, candle light vigils, lighting monuments in red and blue, watermarking our Facebook profile pictures or trending a sympathetic hashtag will start appearing more and more hypocritical. It may not be enough to heal the wounds of those families deeply affected . If we really want to do something for them , we must take decisive measures to ensure an end to this mindless devastation.

If I was an alien journalist from another planet , I think the headlines would read “ 22 year old suspected Jihadi outfoxes powerful Government – Many common citizens sacrificed as usual- Government introduces piecemeal measures and words to placate the people  – people on my alien planet shocked and stunned at how easily this can be achieved."

It’s high time people called such an event for what it is and not hide behind the camouflage of intellectual bravado and condescending humanitarianism - it was a monumental lapse - accept it, take tough action to correct it and never ever let a Manchester Arena Attack  happen again.

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  1. Very very saddened about this bombing at Manchester Arena.My question if anyone can answer , how long world has to tolerate this and when will common people get protection? Terrorism has to be tackled at a global level

  2. Common Man = Collateral Damage = Expendable Asset - standard intelligence parlance.

  3. Same procedure everytime. (1)Bomb blast (2) Media coverage (3)Political statement that terrorism has no religion (4) Hailing some people as heroes (5) Candle light (6) Building lit up (7) Facebook profile picture colour (8)Some few arrests (9) New Cricket match/Football game/Movie (10)People forget (11) Repeat

    1. Politicians need to stop being apologists . If you cant protect your own, why attack outside your country? Harboring ex LIFG affiliated to Al Qaeda - Shame!

    2. Mahesh Anbumani24 May 2017 at 23:55

      @Kevin any politician speaking frankly will be hounded by fake media, liberalists and activists. These agencies thrive o terrorism ad such attacks drive the weopon manufacturing and survellance industry.Intelligence agencies thrive on spineless politicians and use these incidents to fill their coffers and retirement benefit funds. We should ban concerts till assured of full security. Then watch them squirm

  4. Meredith Greyer25 May 2017 at 02:21

    Hate is not the answer. Love is the key. Love can be the way forward . People do things when misguided.We must allow as many refugees and militants into our countries as possible and win their hearts with our kindness .

    1. @Meredith we are not talking about love or hate. You are going off track. We are talking about our Government's ability or lack of to prevent such crimes.

  5. Himayatullah Al Shahidi25 May 2017 at 03:53

    Entire U.K. must depute it's entire army to ensure full safety of it's Muslim population otherwise the politicians will lose the election if single Muslim is harmed Inshahallah.Islam is the only religion to promote peace and harmony. Allah hu Akbar

  6. Gabriela Smith25 May 2017 at 21:22

    We must start online funding for rehabilitation of refugees including potential millitants and guarantee jobs,education, food and shelter.This will ensure the terror factories are well oiled and greased and consequently the weapon manufacturing industry will continue to thrive. Meantime the media and intelligence agencies the world over must craft believable lies and politicians articulate them amicably to ensure that the status quo continues.

  7. Cathy Kontrine25 May 2017 at 23:29

    Sad to hear about loss of innocent lives in Manchester Arena attacks. What kind of War on Terror is this where bomber pilots of the air force bombing ISIS are safe but innocent children are made to lose lives? Shame on all Governments who show bravado worldwide but fail to protect their own citizens.

  8. Patrick Mendonca30 May 2017 at 07:01

    If this can happen in UK which part of world is safe?

  9. Mike antherton30 May 2017 at 07:20

    ISIS doing whatever it wants. North Korea doing what it wants. China and Russia doing whatever they want. So whats the point of all these monitoring toothless agencies? Someone better haul them up. You cant just sit around waiting for things to happen.

  10. Don't know what is shocking. The shock that the attack took place or the fact that such an attack can take place

  11. Only Donald Trump can protect the world from dictators like Kim Jong Un and Xi Jin Ping