Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Kapil Sharma Show is well past it's expiry date?

Kapil Sharma - What's with the singing?
Rottenmangoman analyses the disappointing performances of The Kapil Sharma Show. In this image Kapil Sharma seen performing as a bearded cop/constable in the Kapil Sharma Show
Kapil Sharma - T.V.Grab - Not "Wanted" anymore?

Kapil Sharma's recent alleged misbehavior on a flight with his co worker Sunil Grover (Gutthi / Dr. Mashhoor Gulati) ,  which resulted in Sunil and Ali Asgar leaving the show is now being hailed as many as the prime reason why the show is loosing popularity.

But a closer look exposes several other causative factors:

1) A usless role played by Navjyot Singh Siddhu

Navjyot Singh Sidhu's false fake and forced laughter interspersed with few witty one liners are fast getting overrated. No one is amused. In fact, one often hears only Navjyot Singh Sidhu laughing alone at some very crass and stale jokes being made by the comedians.

2) Well dressed Girls sitting behind Navjyot Singh Sidhu

In the blog "The Kapil Sharma Show Is Well Past It's Expiry Date, rottenmangoman tries to analyse whether a show can be sustained on old outdated gimmicks. In this image of Navjyot Singh Sidhu always laughing forcefully with 4-5 pretty looking girls sitting behind him.
Navjyot Singh Siddhu -T.V.Grab 

This concept is now stale and outdated.It was lifted from :Whose Line Is It Anyway?". It also exposes the show's weakness in that it has to rely on pretty 20 somethings to get eyeballs.

3) Kapil Sharma himself. 

He seems to have set himself into a cozy comfort zone thereby loosing the wit and creative talent which he once honed in order to be successful.  His repetitive jokes format makes the show almost to predictable - been there , done that.
A couple of well rehearsed jokes with the celebrities who by the way only care about the common man when promoting their movies, a few caricatures by some comedians and finally making fun of well planted "audience" members who ask well planted "questions".
The attempt of the organizers to target tier 2 city audiences further reduced the quality of the show and made it even more crass.

Kapil is stuck in the format which made him successful and his insecurity with his better performing artists have proved to be the bane of the show and is now beyond reprieve. 

4) Planted ?? Audience

rottenmangoman analyses what could be the reason for the abysmal Kapil Sharma Show - Image of audience member in Kapil Sharma Show dressed in a yellow shirt with stars drawn all over it like a joker
Audience "Randomly Selected" at the The Kapil Sharma Show - Know anyone who dresses up like this?

Sometimes the performances, appearances and the questions asked by "randomly chosen" audience members appears too contrived. Under normal circumstances it is nearly impossible for the odds of audience members to ask outrageous questions to the guests on the show, behave obnoxiously with the guests or to dance or sing professionally. 

5) The adamant arrogance of Sponsors : While many have already written off the show , some sponsors want to continue to believe that the Indian audience is stupid and continue to purchase their products or be brainwashed by their subliminal messaging. Or perhaps they are continuously being fooled by the easily manipulatable TRP stats. 

While initially the show did start off well and was fresh in content ,  it seems to have lost the plot somewhere  resulting in a lacklustre show which even star celebrity performers can't salvage

​The above blog is a personal opinion on The Kapil Sharma Show and the general impression it is creating .It is not any commentary on Kapil Sharma as a person.


  1. Kapil Sharma was great initially but super success has made his team lethargic so they are unable to do anything stimulating. Sometimes it appears Kapil and team are simply performing for formality like doing is a favor

  2. Tanisha Khanna13 May 2017 at 02:37

    The obstinate persistence of sponsor and creative team of Kapil Sharma Show in forcing us to watch the stagnated performances is unfortunate.

  3. Kapil Sharma's behaviour is not appropriate for public life and I have not even seen any apology from him.Such a shame!!

  4. Pratyusha Malhotra17 May 2017 at 01:30

    Is there such a dearth of talent in India that people should be forced to watch Kapil Sharma show ? Kya yahi Hain acche din?

    1. Actually several new talented stand up comedians like Abijit Ganguly and Vipul Goyal are far better. These geniuses dont need men dressing up like women and celebrities to make people laugh

  5. Navjyot Singh Siddhu's decision to take part and earn from show despite being minister is also not going down well with people. It's angering people to watch a minister laughing and dancing while they are suffering. But what else to be expected from Congress Minister? I was hoping Capt. Amrinder Singh to be strict but I guess I was wrong

  6. They are continuously showing old episodes repeatedly so many times. They think audience is stupid and forgetful. I now remember each and every joke and it is very frustrating. Please Please stop this TKSS and show fresh content

  7. Actor guest bhi zabardasti haste hain uske purane ghise huae jokes par.

  8. @Prashant LOL only Siddhu Paaji understands and laughs at Kapil Sharma's mediocre jokes.But then Sidhu Paaji is paid to laugh needlesslessly even if Kapil sneezes. It's sad to see judge Siddhu of laughter challenge to be paid laughter employee of Kapil Sharma

  9. The Sony Channel and Kapil Sharma show team is fooling the sponsors. They do this by using the faulty Target Rating Point (TRP) system. This system attached a device in few thousand homes and based on that it projects what millions of viewers are watching. Hence TRP of the Kapil Sharma Show is rising or falling one cannot prove but only guess. So while Kapil Sharma Show is flop show, still channel can promote it to keep running advertisements.So let the sponsors remain in fools paradise.

  10. Pratyusha Jain26 May 2017 at 04:32

    I hate it when they get planted audience to ask questions. They think public is fool