Monday, 15 May 2017

Why India needs to take a stand

Of late a number of incidents are being reported in the media where India/Indian’s  have been witness to a number of “atrocities/wrongdoings”. These are varied In nature but have one thing in common which  exposes of India's vulnerable underbelly. For all the mighty posturing and tall talks of being a formidable force, Indian's today stand as helpless bystanders to the following events :
 1.       Killing of CRPF Jawans by Maoists: It appears that the Maoists could coordinate a massive attack at the time of their choosing and inflict heavy damage on our soldiers. While there were talks of retaliatory action , neither have the perpetrators been tracked nor killed.
 2.       Killing and mutilation of our soldiers in Kashmir: Other than weeping, lighting candles and expressing angst and disappointment over this dastardly action in TV studios, nothing tangible appears to have been done to really hit the perpetrators where it hurts.

            News Update 1- India Gives it back - Indian Army conducts punitive strikes on Pakistan Terror Launch Pads along Line of Control. Releases video.Government supports millitary action - #ChaloKuchToHua

            News Update 2-Hizbul Mujahideen millitant Sabzar Ahmad Bhat killed by armed forces in Tral #ChaloKuchToHua

 3.        Insult to our Judiciary by Justice Karnan: Shockingly no one is able to trace the judge!!This despite the fact that the judge also had a security detail provided to him.

  ⦽              News Update : He was arrested from a resort near Coimbatore.#ChaloKuchToHua

 4.       Brutal gangrape of a girl in Haryana: Once again the law enforcement agencies had let the accused go free when the girl had complained about them.

 5.       Riots in Uttar Pradesh and stone pelting in Kashmir: Its frankly embarrassing to watch the army dodge stones thrown by the stone players and appear so timid. I find such visuals extremely disrespectful to the army and wonder where the defence budget sponsored by the tax payer money goes.

  ⦽            News Update- The Indian Government has taken the following actions

        ⇴ Use of plastic bullets instead of pellet guns
        ⇴ Action is being taken against a number of                                          terrorists.#ChaloKuchToHua

 6.       China's One Belt One Road initiative and the China Pakistan Economic Corridoor passing through Gilgit and Balkistan, a territory to which India lays claim: China continues its expansionist policies right before our eyes and we mumble some words of protest.

 ⦽            News Update- The Indian Government's intervention to assist Bhutan protect its territory against alleged illegal entry and attempts to construct roads in disputed land is a step forward in letting the Chinese Government  know that it's neighbors are not like the rest of the subversive Chinese population. This appears to have irked China considerably but letting China have it's way this time as it did with Tibet, will only serve to allow Bhutan be wiped off the world map.

 7.       Accusations by so many people including Income Tax Department regarding irregularities in the workings of close associates of Arvind Kejriwal : Once again this seems to remain in the domain of TV studios. Why doesn't a Government agency file an FIR and arrest people of they have tangible evidence?

So many instances such as those mentioned above are piling up!!! They clearly demonstrate our weak strategic and enforcement systems. They show how grossly unprepared we are. They appear to show that men in uniform(civil or otherwise) are intimidating only to the common man and that too in peaceful times. When a real challenge is thrown up, the agencies are grossly underprepared for any decisive action.
They also expose a lack of counter strike policy and procedures. For instance , when the CRPF was attacked, it is alleged that the soldiers failed to give chase to the Maoists for fear of being led into a trap. It shows that we had grossly underestimated the planning and finesse of the terrorists and lived in the false hope that the terrorists would surrender or run away after seeing men with guns in uniform. In fact it is said that the terrorists attack on the CRPF was lead by women. It's high time we get out of the cozy castles of arrogance and be prepared to react immediately and decisively to the worst case scenarios as well.

Similarly I was shocked at the shock of the senior army officials that our Jawans were mutilated. So were they expecting Kashmiri saffron,walnuts and roses from the terrorists ? How come the terrorists appear to walk freely and even circulate videos despite an internet ban? How come the terrorists haven't been caught and killed? Perhaps they should ponder upon these questions between the sips of the evening whisky paid for by the tax payer. Perhaps the fake media should also ask such questions.
Frankly It’s now getting frustrating and even  humiliating to watch the grieving families of our martyrs, the wreath laying ceremonies and the vows of “virtual revenge” in TV studios.

Complete inaction will only strengthen the enemy and weaken the resolve of our agencies and betray the trust that the people have in them. It will also undermine the confidence that the nation has put in the Government and its systems.

The important thing is to act instead of freezing in anticipation of how the action would be perceived or how a strong response may “escalate” things. Timely action will also serve to curb vigilantism and restore the confidence of the people which , frankly is being tested at the moment  . India can scant afford to play the victim card anymore and be a doormat just so we can pride ourselves in being “morally superior” .For it would be wrong to expect the terrorists and law breakers to hang there heads in shame. Right now they are more inclined to behead our dignity.


  1. Prajwal Deshmukh16 May 2017 at 18:48

    @rottenmangoman at least some action is being seen now with the raids on Laloo's and Chidambram's properties. I agree with you that reaction should be like reflex action

    1. Meenakshi Pandit17 May 2017 at 00:34

      I think some action is being done in Kashmir also today. I agree with Rottenmangoman that at least we should take a stand

  2. Zakir Mustafa Hussain1 June 2017 at 02:14

    By Allah's grace entire Kashmir will go to its rightful place.You keep blogging as much as you want.Soon Urdu will be National language of each and every country

  3. All you fools , Soon India and Pakistan will be colored red instead of saffron or green and China One Belt road will pass from New Delhi to Mumbai. Better start teaching Mandarin to your kids.