Friday, 14 July 2017


The truly rotten facets of the AIB's offensive post

The question is not whether AIB had the courage to keep the post live, but whether the Government has the courage to act against AIB

All India Bakchod (AIB)  an Indian comedy group, is known to court controversy over the crass and morbid statements, posts and videos they(and their members) regularly upload on social media. I have written extensively exposing the rotten truth and malicious and malafide intentions behind the group and the plethora of powerful organisations who back this group.

It's founders (Tanmay Bhat, Gursimran Khamba,  Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya) consist of innocent looking people, who tweet, instagram or snapchat content under the garb of humor/sattire, but which directly attacks the sensibilities and social etiquette of a large section of the population. 

The ploy is usually to post the offensive content, create an uproar and then simply delete it, knowing full well that by that time, several websites would have re-posted the offensive content. The large number of likes/ follows or comments are used by them to show advertisers their brand domination. Thereafter, they simply sit back and enjoy the windfall gains, while powerful media news channels go through outstanding pains and dedicate gigabytes of web space and weeks of precious airtime to defend the group.

Offensive morphed image of PM Narendra Modi Tweeted by AIB and later removed.

In line with this Standard Operating Procedure, AIB chose to post a morphed picture of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a snapchat dog filter, making it look offensive and vulgar.

As a result, the real life drama is currently playing out and may continue to play out exactly as per the AIB script:

1.Lots of people got offended. Even supporters of opposition party the Indian National Congress were offended, but that was because  AIB had removed the post.

2.Twitter user Reetesh Maheshwari, complained to the Mumbai Police Twitter handle and an FIR was registered by them at the cyber police station.The name of the person filing the FIR has been withheld. 

3. FIR has been framed under relatively weak Section 500 (dealing with criminal defamation for which the person defamed is required to complain or in this case a public prosecutor) and Section 67 of IT act (dissemination of obscene material on internet)

4. Writers for fake media will come crawling out of their caves to shout "freedom expression" and place the AIB on a pedestal .News anchors will hold endless debates on this as well.Other news anchors like Arnab Goswamy may ignore this altogether because of their loyalty to both AIB and the BJP

5. Wannabe famous lawyers and celebrities will take up their cause.

6. Any action taken against them will seek to portray them as victims. AIB is secure in the knowledge that any action against them paints the accuser in poor light. They know very well that the powerful media and corporates will ensure that the narrative which the common man will be made to swallow will hail them as the heroes of free expression.

7. The free publicity may save them advertisement revenue and may keep them in the limelight for another good 1 year.

8. AIB will be honored with international awards. 

What is really amazing and sinister about this whole reality TV like episode is the amount of information control and mass mind control mechanisms at play. 

For instance, the Mumbai Police never take cognizance of the following tweets by Tanmay Bhat :


"How do you know children don't love rape" - @thetanmay 23/05/2012

"Feel really weird everytime I see naked baby pics of girls. In my head I go "Ha Ha! I saw your boobs! Ha Ha!" - - @thetanmay  26 No 12


"Called a N.E. "chinki". The small eyed, rice loving bastard kung-fu'd me with his small penis while not being able to say "lilly" #ImSoFucked - @thetanmay  6/4/12


"Every year, on the shores of Africa, elephants pop out of the jungle , look at the ganpati idols and go " Is madam tussauds sending us this shit?" - @thetanmay  9 Sep 2013


1. Besides Mumbai Police, no lawyer has brought up the issue of these offensive tweets for action

2. No Government has ever found such tweets offensive

3. No community has sought to take action on such tweets.


AIB has insulted and offended a well respected National Leader and Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy. AIB's Tanmay Bhat has been indulging in posting obscene and offensive content under the garb of sattire/ humor relentlessly and using the weak legal enforcement system to get away with it. 

Powerful Corporate and media always seem to pounce upon the opportunity to place the AIB on a pedestal. Hence funding and Tax compliance by AIB company should also be investigated. 

Had any politician made such statements or tweets, he would have been hounded by the #FakeMedia and dragged in courts. 
Had any ordinary person made such statements, he would have been arrested with a 30 second reporting on news channels. 
Had it been any ordinary twitter user, the account would have been banned for life.

No action or any half hearted action on All India Bakchod may only expose the dichotomy, double standards and hypocrisy which is already well entrenched in our system. People had given mandate to new Government's across the country in the desperate hope to bring about change. 

While ignoring to take proper and strict action appears to be a lucrative safer option, it will not only encourage other misguided youths to take similar actions but also undermine the social and moral fabric of our society. India is watching - specially the next generation.


  1. Pratyusha Sawalkar15 July 2017 at 00:33

    If such profanity is allowed, everyone will break the limits of decency.

  2. Ajoy Mukherjee15 July 2017 at 00:48

    Tanmay Bhat posts offensive comments and can get away with it as long as he has the tacit support of powerful politicians,corporate and media. Only judiciary can save us from this filthy onslaught

  3. Prithvi Kapoor15 July 2017 at 06:19

    Wow, amazing how influential this crook is. He tweeted about children enjoying rape and got away with it. Sad.

  4. Shrewd parasites like Tanmay Bhat making a living out of disgracing world leaders. Shame. India is known for its large collection of traitors who let the nation down at every opportunity.

  5. I can bet he will create some other filthy controversy during some election time.Then people wonder why there are so many rapes in India