Thursday, 13 July 2017

Sasikala's new nemesis DIG D Roopa


Vital Stats :

Name : D Roopa
Qualifications : 
IPS, Devanagere (Karnataka), Post Graduate in Science.
Current Posting : DIG Prisons
Awards : 
1. President's Police Medal for meritorious service
2. 43rd Rank, UPSC exam 2000
3. Secured 5th Rank in training at NPS Hyderabad

Interests :

1. Trained Bharatnatyam Dancer and well versed with Classical Hindustani Music
2. Tweeting, appearing on T.V. channels, writing columns for newspapers.

Previous controversies :

  • As Superintendent of Police, arrested then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Uma Bharti 
  • As DCP Bengaluru, withdrew policemen being misused as attendants to VIPs and politicians.
  • As DCP City Armed Reserve, she reduced the number of police vehicles in the cavalcade of former Chief Minister of Karnataka, BS Yediyurappa without permit.
  • Criticized Mysoru Kodagu MP Pratap Simha for transfer of 4 senior IPS officers on central deputation.
Career :
17 years IPS, generally given low profile postings, heading the police force in small districts of Gadag and Yadgir.


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Currently DIG (Prisons) D Roopa Moudgil has courted controversy by filing a report alleging special  treatment and facilities being provided to jailed 59 year old AIADMK general secretary V Sasikala (now convict No. 9234), who has been sentenced to 4 years imprisonment in Parappana Agrahara Jail in Bengaluru.

The complaint includes the following :

  • Sasikala has been provided a separate kitchen at her barracks(women's cell) with separate chef,  in violation of Prisons Act, for which a Rs.2 Crore Bribe was given. 
"Sasikala has given Rs 1 crore bribe to Rao and another Rs 1 crore was distributed among officials, including warden of the central jail where she is serving 4-year sentence in an illegal wealth case for allowing her special privileges," are the allegations as reported by some local news channels.
  • 3-4 undertrial convicts were provided to massage, stamp paper scam convict Abdul Kareem Telgi. It is illegal to let undertrials be with convicts.
  • 18 out of 25 prisoners were drug abusers as per a medical checkup on July 10th 2017
  • No action was taken against an assault by an inmate on an on duty doctor on 29th June 2017
  • Jail Superintendent absent during inspection of Central Prison of Parappana  Agrahara on July 10th 2017
  • No action has been taken till date against an inmate who misbehaved with a Lady Nurse in  April 2017.
  •  Convicts have stolen medical documents to get bail since they were allowed in the records room.
  • Inmates have threatened doctors to get them admitted to hospitals despite being in good health
  • Pharmacy not well maintained.
  • Sleeping pills reserved for mentally ill patients being made available for normal patients as well.
It is the accusations against Sasikala however which have caused a furor in the states of both Congress ruled Karnataka, as well as the AIADMK ruled Tamil Nadu. With opposition leaders crying foul in both states, Karnataka Chief minister Siddaramaiah had to hurriedly announce a "high level probe" (whatever that means) into the matter.
T.V. Grab - DGP Sathyanarayan Rao Vs. DIG D Roopa Moudgil who accused him and Sasikala 

While D Roopa's credentials appear impressive and while her allegations that Sasikala was being given special treatment in jail and that bribes to the tune of Rs. 2 Crore were paid to jail officials, the points raised by DGP (Prisons) Satyanarayan Rao, who has also been accused of allowing special treatment to Sasikala do carry some weight. In his defense he states :
  1. D Roopa was appointed only 3 weeks ago as DIG (Prisons). He questions her reports regarding alleged irregularities in matters which occurred several months before she joined.(Roopa was on a Government Sanctioned leave 1.5 years prior to joining)
  2. He claims that she had not submitted any report either to him or to the Government, against him or any jail officials.It's unlikely he would be lying about this in full media glare.
  3. He claimed D Roopa has breached conventional protocols by approaching the media prior to letting him or other senior officials know regarding the alleged irregularities.
  4. He further questioned that had he had anything to hide, why would he have given her authorization to visit the jail?
  5. He also claimed that besides no special treatment being given to Sasikala, there was no relaxation even in the laws of visitation. (News channel Headlines Today in its show "To the point" on 13th July 2017, however, claimed to have obtained a copy of the visitor record of the prison which indicated that visitation laws had in fact been clearly violated for Sasikala.Here is another report)


The allegations regarding special favors to Sasikala are grave but not unbelievable. Powerful politicians and criminals in the past have been known to enjoy special perks.

If found correct, the reputation of both the Congress government which is about to face elections in Karnataka as well as that of the AIADMK government in Tamil Nadu will take a serious hit. It may be beneficial to both the Governments if any truth behind the allegations doesn't come out and credibility of D Roopa is destroyed.

If the allegations are found to be false, it would be really unfortunate for the reputation of the Indian Police Service.DIG D Roopa has been known to be social media savvy and known to court controversy. Hence, it is extremely important that her accusations are backed up with hard hitting undeniable evidence. Partial proof of such allegations will not cut it. 

As far as the allegations against Sasikala and DGP (Prisons) are concerned, it is difficult to conceal a full fledged kitchen. At the same time it is virtually impossible to trace a bribe of Rs. 2 Crores. It is obvious, that in case such a sinister arrangement would have been entered into, all tracks would have been erased by now. 

Under such serious circumstances, only an independent inquiry would make sense. Its noteworthy that not even the opposition has demanded an independent probe till now. 

Update : 
1. D Roopa now claims that she had video recorded evidence of special treatment to Sasikala, but the video had been deleted
2. D Roopa has been praised by Puducherry Lt. Governer Kiran Bedi (former cop who stood for Delhi elections for post of Cheif Minister as BJP candidate)
3.Some TV channels showed videos claiming to show footage of Abdul Kareem's cell and his masseuse as well as footage of convicts playing cards and drinking. 
4. Karnataka Chief Minister has expressed his displeasure at the fact that D Roopa spoke to the media.
5. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has ordered a probe to be conducted by retired IAS officer Vinay Kumar. The opposition has questioned the independence and veracity of such a probe.


  1. Honest cops only end up as political tools.#Sasikala

  2. Puneet Karthik14 July 2017 at 03:58

    D Roopa will be reprimanded and transferred. Just like Shreshtha Thakur and Sangeeta Kalia and #FakeMedia will move onto next topic. Even Kiran Bedi survived because of her political affiliation

  3. This is real life. Not movie . Singhams are destroyed here. Only paper tigers thrive. In any Government job my advice to Ms. Roopa - be baaton mein chust ; kaam mein sust and kaagaz mein durust

    1. Yes the standard mantra of Dr. Man Mohann Singh ji. Look how successful he became

  4. Samantha Flikj14 July 2017 at 07:03

    What good are jails if crimes occur so openly there? This is shocking

  5. Kiren Bedi just scoring brownie points for herself from Modi ji . Fake investigation will let the crooks go. Supreme Court should order CBI inquiry

  6. Roopa nominated for President's medal. Quid Pro Quo by BJP ?

  7. Its extremely difficult if not impossible for women to take such a bold stand specially in a country like India. Kudos to this brave officer D. Roopa.