Sunday, 9 July 2017

Shreshtha Thakur Lady Singham first taste of reality

Sincere Young Lady Police Officer learns what it means to be real life Lady Singham

Shreshtha Thakur confronting Mukesh Bhardwaj

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's Government may be well meaning. It also appears to be trying to pull Uttar Pradesh out of the regressive social malaise that has infected each and every member of society living in that region.It is a well known fact that the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India, despite some improved infrastructure are still victims of archaic mentalities and belief systems.  People have voted the BJP to power, after being simply fed up with the misrule handed out by the previous political dispensations. Desperate for change, people hope that the Yogi ruled Government, under the able guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be focused on the principals of development and rule of justice. Such is the level of desperation among the people that they are willing to tolerate and accommodate even minor glitches in the administration. They are even willing to accept and bear the pain of inconvenience due to incidents of some unauthorized beef shops being closed or certain innocent youth being arrested mistakenly by the Anti Romeo Squads, since the general feeling is that the administration means well.

However the recent transfer of Shreshtha Thakur, betrays the chink in the armor of the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party. No matter how many reforms it attempts to carry out, it appears to remain submissive to the supreme agenda of winning elections. Shreshtha Thakur, the lady cop who's video went viral as she confronted Mukesh Bhardwaj, City President of Bhartiya Janata Party and his supporters while she was Deputy Superintendent of Police, posted as Circle Officer at Sayana in Bulandshahar district, was recently transferred to Bahraich, a town which shares it's international border with Nepal.Bahraich district has a high concentration of minorities as per 2001 census data on population.A verbal dispute had taken place between Ms. Thakur and Mr. Bhardwaj, after it came to light that the police had fined BJP worker Pramod Kumar for riding a motorcycle without mandatory documents, helmet and number plate.

The party further betrayed this weakness (which it seems to consider it's strength) when as per reports, BJP city President Mukesh Bhardwaj asserted that the transfer was necessary to lift the morale of the party workers.

While another BJP leader Prabhat Jha maintained that her transfer was part of routine process in which many other police officials had also been assigned new postings, the timing of such transfer, precisely a week after a delegantion of 11 MLAs and MP had met Cheif Minister Yogi Adityanath following the incident.

This weak justification drives home a regressive message to Shreshtha Thakur and to the Indian Police Service : "Tow the line or be shunted out. Leave your spines at home before coming to work."

Ms. Thakur reacted maturely to this transfer. On her Facebook post she mention: 

"I accept it as reward for my good work"

The positive side to this incident was that the action against Shreshtha was not gender based. There are reports of transfers of "erring" male police officers by the BJP in the past.

Sahranpur SSP Love Kumar and Agra SSP Pritinder Singh faced similar transfers when they took action against BJP leaders and workers of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad who were allegedly accused of hooliganism.

In Haryana, lady IPS Superintendent of Police,Fatehabad District, Sangeet Kalia, was also transferred a day after her public verbal argument with Haryana BJP Health Minister Anil Vij. Instead of discussing any problems with her in a closed setting, Mr. Vij chose to rebuke and reprimand the officer on matters related grievances regarding the drug and liquor mafia being active. 

This is not to say that only the BJP governments aim to subvert an important instrument of law enforcement. India's successive governments have, through the years caused enough damage to the morale of the Police resulting in collapse of law and order machinery.


1)Transferring police officers is a routine threat methodology used by various politicians to enforce their diktats onto the Police officers. Whilst young officers are still able to bear the brunt of having to move to new places, the senior officers with families and school and college children know that the price of their "actions" can reflect on the future of their families and are hence even more inclined to focus their energies in pleasing the political masters instead of protecting the taxpayers.

2)While it is the right and prerogative of politicians to transfer Government servants, they must ensure that the right message is conveyed to the police officers as well as the common people, as to the reasons behind such transfers. 

3)Any society generally despises the rule of law. People should be made to follow the law out of respect and not fear. This respect will only come once the message is sent by the Governments that it is empowering the law enforcement agencies to enforce it impartially.

4) Using the excuse that previous Governments exercised favoritism to protect the wrongdoings of their party members from police action is no longer valid. The BJP was elected to power precisely because they gave the impression that they would put an end to Jungle Raaj(rule of Chaos). Continuation of the same archaic feudal practices will either force people to chose the same parties it once sought to change or embolden radical miscreants to the extent that there is complete anarchy.


  1. That is why I left India. All politicians are too arrogant. I hope Modi ji would do more regarding #VVIPRACISM

  2. Its the rotten truth. Indian Police redu ed to being security guards for corrupt undeserving politicians

  3. I am shy to write this but she looks really hot when angry